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  • I wanna praise my God, with my last breath
  • He is true God, he provide my life bread
  • God, I need your favor, you be my savor
  • You give me protection, I am shaking, walking,talking and living
  • Lift me upper and higher you give me power,
  • let my star shine like lighter, brighter you be greater
  • I am a soldier on a mission with ambition
  • Your love for me so deep no permission
  • You ask for me nothing, I pay you for nothing because of something
  • I put trust and believe in you, for one thing
  • Save me from four edge of the world, I got your word
  • You always fey on the south and north, east and west
  • You never rest, you are the best and the first
  • Allah wallah save me from death, lead me on your path
  • They came across, they give applause
  • Life of defeating leads to life of fixing
  • In life we live there's dangerous, destruction
  • For my God I believe I need to obey instruction
  • God bless me like Jacob, In my life will never give up
  • If I fall I shall back up
  • Evil, enemies wanna fuck off, God gonna switch them off
  • Attention to have patient not wasting no pasting
  • Aim of raising reasoning no tension tracing
  • My Lord God I will justify, glorify your name like I'm crazing


  • watermelons, grapefruit, peaches, and orange juice/
  • cantaloupe, tomato, bubblelicious, and grapes too/
  • aye you like apples foo, that's cool me too/
  • not everything juicy tho has to be a fruit/
  • gushers, juicy fruit, starburst, gummy bears/
  • sour patch kids, leamon drops and not to mention war heads/
  • skittles jus a little airheads is the shizzle yea/
  • fruit by the foot fruit roll ups trollis are the best/
  • but I digress pomegranate, kiwis, lemons and limes/
  • Cherries and berries of many flavours includin poison surprise/
  • and razzy jazzy blues to match your mood at any time/
  • strawberries go great with some ass and a side of wine/
  • its Devine to combine the juices of the earth with juices of the womb/
  • so eat your fruits and vegetables so your juices taste of juicy fruits/
  • see how often your partner takes in your juices when it has a fragrance of spring in bloom/
  • you can tell me thank you when they suckin u off like a vacuum/
  • (Hook) repeat 10x
  • Its Juicy

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