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  • My INNER FOCUS helps me HOLD THIS METAL leave ya head leaking; ALAKAZAM
  • But the METAL in crowd leave everyone SHOCKED call it SHAZAM
  • Dont SLEEP on me ill hit ya with INSOMNIA with a PENDULUM over ya head, I CONTROL you like HYPNO
  • You CANT TELL this battles REALITY you CONFUSED ill call you schizo
  • Tryna ride my dick for a collab you wont stop begging i think ill call you nympho
  • This man lives in my SHADOW that why he throwing more SHADE than VITILIGO
  • FIRE i spit HOTTER than HELL,explains ill BURN his SELF PORTRAIT like PICASSO
  • My FANGS stick ya neck now you cant RUN AWAY sickness spreads your GUTS call it an ERADICATE
  • The devil you now activate torturous moves nobody could calculate when i turned you into fresh meat like applegate
  • Call ya BALEX all you do is NAVIGATE in my trap you cant EVACUATE you stuck for centuries till your micro chip dilapidate
  • You dont seem so STURDY when you fight a MEGATON i know you aint got the STONES call him golem
  • When i pull the IRON you aint BREATHING with RED on your head region like HEMOGLOBIN
  • When i show my FORCE you know im the CHOSEN but imma use my BRAIN to cause this lyrical explosion
  • You FROZEN this PRINCESS tried to hit me with ICE but inside she still remained BROKEN
  • Thinking he lucrative trying to attack me with sticks stones like he primitive ill still put him to sleep like a sedative
  • CHARGING my BATTERY but there still aint nothing POSITIVE when im NEGATIVELY charging him you know im competitive
  • Why you so SENSITIVE this man raps TERRIBLE like FABRIC which makes him simple and repetitive


  • Claimz, oh boy, claimz, he claimed he can win the tournament,
  • Only thing is, your all chained up like a dog, lyrically, simply, you can't outrap me,
  • I set up a trap, now I get this verse startled, BOUTTA self contain you in a bottle,
  • Cause my rebuttal will leave your defenses useless, when I'm done, you will be as clueless,
  • And dead like mcruthless was. Cause your "lyrics" are self made useless,
  • So far I've spit at ya, brutally relentless, i caused a fatality, cause boy, this shit slams,
  • I'm a fucking bull, you cannot stop me, I'ma ram inside of you. Run you over like a RAM truck
  • Your drugged like pfp, I ain't gonna talk about it, references to shit, yeah, quit calling yourself "claimz"
  • Only thing you would claim is your lyrical disgracefullnes, you ain't earning bitches birthright,
  • Up scale, you ain't up to height with me, I think your getting clapped on my first try,
  • Why would you even bother? Unless you want to commit sucide and die,
  • Spitting at you, rapping at you, multiple different way, In the multiverse,
  • I'll be haunting you, cause I'ma phantom, and my claim is true,
  • Causing mad lyrical madness and issues, hand this disclaimer rapper a tissue.
  • Cause he's lyrically crying for getting pitted against me, he already burned

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