Battles  Sunz vs D-O-M-of-DnD


16 lines no audio (Instrumental optional) Anybody can take the battle

Max of 16 lines


Sunz won this battle!


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  • I'll tie you on the railroad tracks until a train come, spit bars you can't think of, I'm sick brah, I'll throw you in front of a big bus
  • on the highway in the fastest lane, I'm past the games, I'll crush your frame, show up to your wake and stab your face
  • make you drink sulfuric acid, like its going to cure your asthma, when I put this pump in your mouth, it wont even matter
  • you'll have to stop me twice, because I'm as sharp as pocket knife, I'll slice the white off your mom face, like hockey ice
  • if not tonight, when I see her, your baby sister will suck my peter, you going to be the first to meet Jesus
  • if you start swinging, I swear to God, I'm going to bob and weave it, then you going to see the stars like you pledge of allegiance
  • for real, with gorillas, (in sets / insects) like a (caterpillar/ cat ta peel her), with bananas the size of my longest image
  • I'll let it tear your insides like the baddest spinach, I ain't with the games no more, I ain't trying to choke your vocal cords
  • I wanna open sores, stick in swords, like knives in boards, when i get bored, somebody get poured liquor on the curve from these deadly words
  • you on his side well (go then girls/go den girls/golden girls) I'll blame it on my race (bet he white/Betty White), I'll have his brains in the dark sky, like satellites
  • he'll lose his train of thought, colliding with a freight train, you just a baby Saint James, I make flames, my thoughts satanic
  • like slapping your kids face, the first day they on this planet, damn it, I wipe the drool, that's cruel
  • but not as bad as feeding your baby to a pit bull, I'm rude, I'll spit in your food, stick your face your stool
  • drown your mother in the pool, catch her "Home Alone" and leave the faucets on too, like the wet bandits, somebody cam this
  • it will make world star if he eat this knuckle sandwich oooh shit, just for running your two lips you got beat with pool sticks
  • how many enemies left? Only two men, because everyone know "Animals Live Longer Than Humans" Animal cruelty


  • They say, Dope Doc defeated him
  • Back to back to the point where it had him
  • Delete both of his battle raps.
  • Trill won without clapping at him.
  • What's next? I guess it's for me to put him down.
  • Matter of fact, Trill has a point when he said
  • That all he saw in your fakest prayers were captions.
  • Cuz whenever your crap ends up on Soundcloud, it's
  • Just babbling over beats playing on his Apple Mac.
  • Can't even tell what the hell this bitch is rapping about.
  • So when I cut his vocal cords off, it ain't Animal Cruelty
  • If everyone knows it's beneficial for you to stop spitting bars.
  • Truthfully speaking, when you take this loss or win, you're still getting spayed.
  • Play all the cards you want, because at the end of the day,
  • Every rhyme you spray only aids you in digging your own grave.

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