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  • I am me
  • Don't you dare pester me
  • You stupid flea
  • Imitating me
  • Underestimating me
  • Step to mee
  • Catch a hand
  • Cause I am the man Throwing it
  • You girl is the one showing it
  • Catch up
  • My flow is so sick i am the one owning it
  • This fight is over you are the one blowing it
  • Goodnight lights out bedtime story i'm foregoing it
  • Learical monster on the mic
  • How dare you pick a fight
  • [Call me the purifier
  • Cause i Bring the fire
  • I’ve come to inspire
  • “get behind me satan “
  • Quit your hattin
  • Take your loss
  • I am the boss
  • The throne is God's alone
  • Go home kid
  • Before i kick your posterior
  • I am superior
  • You are just a disgrace
  • Anger grows
  • Temper blows
  • failing theology
  • Rearrange your face
  • Cosmetology
  • Take a chill pill
  • what’s the deal
  • Achilles heel
  • Ive found your weakness
  • Ko
  • Ok
  • Get the frick outa my way
  • Or i will slay
  • Hold up
  • Back up
  • I'm the champion
  • No runner -up
  • Never gonna let up
  • Time for the set up
  • Batter up
  • Here come the wind up POW
  • Without a doubt
  • Layed out Lights out Knocked out
  • Peace out im done


  • Fill up the cash machine with loads of nicotine, transported through a submarine pulverize the hate like Wolverine,
  • My laser beams make 'em scream and my release is green, career grows like a bean reign supreme,
  • The blood was flowing, as the votes kept growing, and the cracks in the team kept going,
  • I was rolling, showing that in the moment I shine bright like TNT' explosions at night when I'm patrolling,
  • Got the win in my grasp, with every sick paragraph aided by gas, gone in a flash,
  • In school only subject that mattered was math, so I can count this cash in the back of a lac',
  • Buy a mansion and wear my trump hat before it goes out of fashion,
  • I'm just joking, just wanted to see your reaction of a man that gets attraction for his satisfaction,
  • Of balling and golfing not involving the millions of bombings of coffins in offices,
  • I'm the best this opponent of mine is literally the opposite of the hottest artist,
  • The king standing above all with his chest piece like a magna carta,
  • Old written kings departed, cuz, at this rate nothing can stop me from trying my hardest,
  • Cuz when I do emcee's careers end up in a saxony, actually, it's happening,
  • tragically but magically outlasting the heat from my vision like Superman's mad at me,
  • He'll punch the wall during his crusade, when I spit it's like I've been chewing on grenades,
  • cuz this rage flips the pages and hatred is something that I will not allow, no debating,
  • I'm elite and I make these others become marvelous hobblers,
  • Don't ever respond to this diss because you're the one who started this,
  • An' addict of romantic habits, flamboyant mantis, becomes sycophantic,
  • These termagants leading' the classes for the art of garbage rapping,
  • Rhyming everything with their brand new vehicle, my heart pierced with a dagger,
  • Enough of the blabber, I rather make 'em good at this by trickery of the Mad Hatter,
  • Cuz the hatter is badder than a thousand rounds blasted in a bladder,
  • The wisecrackers and challengers cursed with losing to me, they walked under a ladder,

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