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Battle on February 21 2020


  • What's up wit wishin death on somebody on a site
  • I gotta check on this sucker it's on sight
  • First he showed up trying to suck on my dick
  • You can suck mine bitch since you're not really thick
  • Embrace my fist, artificial basic bitch
  • Why I even take a part in this, you're from that matrix shit
  • How can you think of me when I thought of you
  • you aint keep it thoro fool, you a movie that I overlook
  • you wouldn't make a move if i throw at you
  • uppercut knocks you up and your motherhood
  • I aint copy you you copy me but your rhymes be sloppy g
  • fool thinks he's gangsta but he's pop like Bobby G
  • Fuck your multi I go full contact like Muay Thai
  • nigga I hit the bull's eye in any bullfight
  • I hack your chest call of duty style full bright
  • It aint even a good night, no kiss, ask ya mommy for a good bye
  • you foreign nigga from mumbai, with one of 'em internet cool guides
  • you cant stand up to my height
  • you dont understand the philosophy of my grind
  • what you gon do? disrespect me? that dont work when I dissect G
  • cant stop a knife aint no fucking compromise you are not qualified
  • yo whole body be in blood occupied, you're gonna die
  • I beat you with you own style, dont tryna fool like you throw smiles
  • You cant respond to this, big rep niggaz be on some fake shit
  • anytime anywhere bitch, i'll fuck you and your white chick with my black dick
  • aint need for acting tryna come up with a tactic i know you want it, I'ma clap it for free, classic
  • you be all over the internet, i aint one of 'em pussies that you're tryna get
  • Stab y'all like it's bayonet, and yo face gets flavorless
  • Fuck what you rapping bout I be popping out
  • north west and east from front and back to south
  • it's the end of your career, aint no fucking warrant here
  • you can hear when I focus on ya rear, and these tears, adding salt to the wounded tear
  • i froze ya all the way back from hot georgia
  • I cum all over taylor swift cause she 'GORGEOUS'
  • taking the piss g, come and diss me, you're gonna miss me
  • I take over you body and then say "I'm gonna miss me", it's ya last throw never coming back like a frisbee
  • white boy I aint using toys, i got quick techs
  • It's white death, hide yourself in the witcher world you die from fisstech
  • so choose your way of death, it dont matter anyway when I intercept
  • 10 millions ways to die you get all of 'em in a sec
  • I got the gal from your wet.... dream on my dick and we choke your neck
  • I could talk forever man but it depends on what you wanna get
  • you're soft sucker so these things you'll accept
  • so what you say wreck your in your style like it's essay
  • I'm your teacher for the day, it's your last one so beg and pray
  • phrases amaze ya, punches like Fraizer gon daze ya
  • I'm huge just like Biggie you "sucking cocks in corner store bodega's"
  • It aint the end yet cause you gay and you're backwards
  • I smash ya plate then change the place of omega and alpha
  • you're mumbling so much dick you're blooded and your throat is burning
  • you thought you were cunning but you got punished
  • you got nothing to flourish only a nut thing to flourish
  • Hitting you with the puns been watching your career I see a slump
  • you're like a drum but you don't clap cause you're dumb
  • like an angle on a circle, it's non existent so learn
  • obtuse angle, go and google the shit on math is fun
  • dont give a fuck where you from, overseas or whatever, you are gonna plunge
  • and you are a white boy so spongebob aint gon work
  • It's the end of your career i told ya
  • get defeated like you in russia and I'm a cold ass soldier
  • neo arno, a star known... screw that bio you're really a star bro
  • you be in the sky it basically means that you died hoe
  • there'll be no next time so you aint gonna try me
  • you got a nice chick so thanks for dime piece, time to give her the damn meat, peace


  • I'm sexy and I know it

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