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Battle on November 1 2018


  • Look Motto, you may have something to claim but you know this is nothin to Ame..
  • My bars'll Foldgers, we all thought you were "good..until the last drop", I'm barely touchin your shame
  • You'll get more than enough of the pain, knives like commercial jingles, staying stuck in ya brain
  • Thinks he "made of the best stuff on earth"..but Snapple caps facts call bullshit, you ain't livin up to your name
  • We both know I could go on forever with Motto rhymes or cheesy lines to show you it's Nacho day
  • Just like we both know you will spit gun bars, shit about how you handle beef with shells, some Taco-plays
  • Already the voters chaulkin up 'ooohs' when they realize I'm droppin a dude and only talkin bout food
  • You walk in eyes crossed n confused, they start tossin up 'boos' like alcoholics lost in the mood
  • See, I spin the illest of raps, killin this whack WANNABE ME, mixin punches with whim n filled with the facts
  • The fuckin villian is back, so if I don't win, I'll get psychopuppets ass and mimic a ventriloquist act
  • Seein as he got you 0-for-Trae, and knowing me I'm liable to rip up your flow, then spit on your hoe
  • Juz for thinkin I would wannabe you, bitch listen slow..twice you've had streaks losing 6 in a row!!
  • Who would ever strive for that? Even for a midget that's low, but Trae still hopes and wishes to grow
  • Until he's dangling from a rooftop as I whisper a quote, my personal Motto, "live..and let go"
  • Then witness him float, down to the pavement creating nothin but a puddle, fit for a boat
  • Take a piss and I couldnt take Ame if all your dumb gun bars came fixed with a scope
  • Engage a different approach, jam your neck bone until your damn head spams your chest bro
  • Show up to Virginia with a Tech, find you and re-enact the Seung-Hui Cho manifesto
  • I'll prove your Richmond blood-ties when your smashed with a Broad Rock n dragged to an Oak Grove
  • Left with little hope though, I'll showboat a boatload about havin Trae runnin worse than a coke-nose
  • Now those are dope-flows to choke throats..wont stop until your torsos entirely see through
  • With no repercussions..we know Mottos no action and all sayings..who would aspire to be you?
  • We see Mottos thrown around all day in corporate board room, this is the same script
  • This lame bitch gettin bounced off the walls til his brain splits and his veins drip


  • Bro ain’t battled in a year, so you know he cAme fully loaded
  • The problem with him is unloading that clip is duly noted
  • We all know Ame ain’t good enough to hit fat Albert if he was bloated
  • Oh you’re truly goated? The fool he’s trollin, I’ll put the goat on ice like Gordie Howe
  • Shorty how you stackin up to me, that’s a height deficiency, you’re only a little problem like missing vitamin D
  • I’ma laugh my ass off at the writing you send me, like getting drafted for WW3
  • Im too cold, like space, and that’s the gap between us
  • There’s no room for err in my atmosphere, and yours are egregious
  • You’ll freeze up before you choke out when I force the submission
  • They’ll find you floatin in the middle of nowhere like Master Chief completing the mission
  • I don’t care what you stockpiled my stocks piled higher than Markelle stock prior to his missing shot
  • And speaking of missing shots, how you lose to mr.brown and let that end your career
  • You let him pin you up and break you for lookin wrong and you fell apart after, oh wait that’s a mirror
  • How you play follow the leader with your whole style, oh wait that’s a meer
  • Why you duck confrontation until you get an email notification, oh wait that’s Amir
  • That’s a mere fragment of what I could get into witcha history
  • But I don’t give a fuck, let the past repeat itself you doomed to loop like the Flash mystery
  • You out here using sports jersey bars, like that’s innovation
  • Bro be like “I’ll put 11 shots in your back like kyrie” and expect appreciation
  • I say you if you giving back shots to niggas go to a gay parade then
  • I already gave you a chance to battle me, I’m giving you a shot back
  • It’ll be a Ricky scene when we done here, literally a shot back
  • It was a one sided affair, investigators wondering why you never shot back

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