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Pick favorite song and write a remix make sure to put its instrumental good luck homie

Max of 64 lines


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  • Yeah, this song for the uneducated
  • To all the cops that pull me over for no reason
  • For all the bitches that went ghost on me
  • cuz I was just tryna represent
  • all my niggas in the cage
  • Can u relate? Its so bad, baby baby
  • I wish it was a dream, younglings sippin lean
  • pussy niggas pretending to be comethazine
  • niggas waitn for me to fall
  • gave my girl 2 racks, so she took her ass to the mall
  • I put my city up, till my city hot
  • then i pop out, like a jack in the box
  • Way back, when niggas o.d on crack
  • just cuz they life was crap
  • Remember 6ix9ine? the fraud, the fraud
  • Never thought that snitches would take that far
  • now im in the moonlight, tryna stay outta sight
  • no way to get saved, shoot a nigga in broad day
  • born killa, opposite of ya nigga
  • remember when i first pulled tha trigga
  • Peace to June valentino, who was only eighteen
  • got shot before he could live his dream
  • Im missing X like i thought i would,
  • Call the SouthSide, same way, same hood
  • Its not good,
  • Mc stupid, he a hoe, nigga
  • (chorus)
  • you know very well you are
  • orgy a pussy now
  • he takes mcs dick
  • u act like a clown
  • yall rapping skills they suck,
  • niggas think i give a fuck
  • I made a change from a pussy bitch
  • to a up tight gangster that gives no shit
  • ran the block with it on hip
  • i smoke crips all day
  • DTB, thats the worcester way,
  • Florence and Brittney keep me dizzy,
  • used to love and kiss me,
  • now they hatin cuz im rich g,
  • Never thought this would happen, it is to much
  • i was to used to packin crack and stuff
  • now bitches call my phone like mc cries wolf
  • Cuz his shitty lyrics to his ugly ass look
  • Orgy cant diss, thats why *baebaedollbitch* getin pissed
  • Sold out seats, to laugh at MCRuthless speak
  • Livin' life with no fear
  • putting the clip to orgys ear
  • bad rhymes, mc needs grammar school
  • thinks he wrecked a label, he a fool
  • mc stupid, he a hoe, nigga
  • (chorus)
  • you know very well
  • who you are
  • orgy a pussy now
  • he takes mcs dick
  • u act like a clown
  • yall rapping skills they suck,
  • niggas think i give a fuck


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  • Start out running at the gate, like if i was running after fate, to create my own path,
  • slash the aftermath in half, and cap the remains of opponents like if i was pulling the double tap,
  • from zombie land, withstand this lyrical attack,
  • smack haters from the back and pull a fatality as if this was mortal kombat,
  • I'm automatically tragically, magically, putting an end to unoriginal personalities,
  • freeze them at -10,000 degrees them step on the gas to increase pressure,
  • however, whenever i measure pressure it puts you to the guillotine, sever your head,
  • add it to my treasure chest, cause im a lyrical predator, clean skulls and keep them as trophies,
  • got so many, i could fill my fridge and freezer with them like groceries,
  • I got no boundaries, i don't do apologies, i just add people to my list of casualties,
  • and bury them without inviting anybody to their ceremonies,
  • if you got a problem with me, come at me, you know where to find me,
  • don't remind me, i slightly might have forgotten about you dude,
  • spit at me with attitude, diss me and you'll be discontinued,
  • come at you with a multitude of shots that'll contribute to your demise,
  • chop you up and distribute your parts to be redistributed on the black market,
  • you can call me demented, but i just say that that's called being respected,
  • you represent yourself with a look of unexpectedness,
  • but i know your impressed with how i spit this shit,
  • but me, im unimpressed with your shit, reinvest is something that'll make me ascend,
  • to the top like if i was the president, content with stepping on pests, even with them i'd invest,
  • you just make me depressed, a low life tick makes me more impressed, clean up your mess,
  • i must confess you've made less than expected progress, you shouldn't trust the rp process,
  • you're just plain nonsense, hence the fact that im not even sayin threats,
  • if you think i was then your a complete and utter bitch,
  • i can't even look at this garbage with a straight face, you disgrace, you've been misplaced,
  • step out the game, your shit is lame, "notice that this ain't a diss, it a gas to the flame"
  • as logic states, couldn't have said it better myself, if i must say,
  • your time ended yesterday, mumble rap is saying mayday mayday,
  • i don't need a gat to run up on your block doin a drive by,
  • my rhymes make you wanna commit suicide, cause im ending their shit,
  • when they rap it makes me wanna vomit, blast them back into space,
  • no place to breath, please that's the least you deserve, easy, biggie, and tupac,
  • prolly think their overrated,i hope they do at least,
  • cause now is the time we could use these true gansters,
  • to show them how true shit is spoken by real rapping poets,
  • but this is a diss and a hit shot to everybody doin that mumble rappin shit,
  • got me pissed, i hope they see this, wake them up and show them how true spitters spit,
  • autotune everything so no one hers they voices squeak when they speak,
  • they out of they league they need a better technique,
  • make them look like they got dragged, leaving only an elongated blood streak,
  • kill 'em and that'll be it kapeesh.

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