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  • Fuck a fake bitch from the back
  • She a liar but her ass still clap
  • Tryna hide the hickeys from her boyfriend
  • But even if she don't I ain't scared of him
  • Cause I'm already onto the next
  • Bitches flock when I'm showing my flex
  • A lame boy with a chain ain't a threat
  • Only men that can take me are travis and the feds
  • I walk around with a knife in my sock
  • Pretty don't matter as long as she's hot
  • Don't let this man in, finna blow up the spot
  • Wake up tomorrow "knock knock" it's the swat
  • She's saying she's scared, I'm a little too bad
  • Pounds in the trunk and a glock in my hand
  • Girl why you tripping, it's all just a plant
  • I don't swerve when I'm hot I ain't tryna get slammed


  • “Fuck a fake bitch from the back” Mr. Lossa, that don’t seem very Christian
  • You barkin up the wrong tree I got the gift think “Merry Christmas”
  • I’m here to fuck around and crack ya noggin just to stack some profits
  • Get the picture when I leave you hangin by ya neck like family lockets
  • And when the day comes that I haul my ass to college
  • I’ll be outta my noodle casket droppin over packs of ramen
  • Get bodybagged when I’m hoppin on the track, copy that?
  • I’m the type to fuck you up and sign my autograph on ya cast
  • Droppin toxins into his grandma’s basement where he dwells
  • His name is Christian Lossa since he bout to C Ls
  • I am the best when I rhyme with the pen left those tryin to step lyin there dead
  • You walk around with a knife in ya sock? You bout to walk around with a knife in ya head
  • It’s the puppet also known as the casket dropper
  • Around little boys you become the Catholic Lossa

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