Battles  M-40 vs Devilsinner


Throw some shots and fuck sum shit up

Max of 30 lines


Devilsinner won this battle!


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  • You the Devil’s Sinner, we’ll prepare to meet God homie
  • Walking round wit my icy cross, cause I always keep God on me
  • Call this the last supper, I’m boutta starve the DevilSinner
  • Take his meal (mill), and I’m eatin the Devil’s dinner
  • So this devilsinner ain’t no devil winner, he a devil loser
  • Just another lonely, Oujia board abuser
  • Listening to slayer
  • On his vinyl record player
  • Just another emo wannabe tryna be edgy, smokin reggie
  • Shits bout to get heavy, hoe you ain’t even ready
  • You on the devils level, while I’m on my godly shit
  • That’s a holy spit, (god damn, holy shit)
  • Bars wit the Holy Spirit, I fear it’s your death
  • But I don’t fear nothing, not no evil, not you or your stank ass breathe
  • So step back while I hold this crucifix
  • You’re losing this
  • Battle
  • Skiddadle
  • Before I get crazy
  • Call the Sand Nigga
  • Tell him to pull the bombs trigga
  • And show you a real nightmare
  • ….
  • Fuck it, AY, YO AMIR


  • the sinner vs 40, u know I'm not the one to MESS WITH
  • This ain't a battle, this ya DEATH WISH
  • Looking like a Lego man, when I take you apart
  • A head and two Legs is what ya LEFT WITH
  • But let's talk about ya flow *seriously*
  • You just put together a bunch of words that rhyme
  • You be like: I got a six pack
  • I sit back, got bars like a kit-kat, this that, it's a mismatch,
  • Man its so easy to predict that, but this dont mean shit jack:
  • Fuk it, let the gun talk, it's gona RUN BY YOU
  • The bullets speak a different language
  • So I'll try add some SUBTITLES
  • a bullet to ya head, you dead, the air getting THICKER
  • Mr. 40 gona die by some shots to his kidney, bad LIQUOR
  • Man Fuk you, and everything about you,
  • With this curse that I'm CURSED WITH
  • I'm the whale. You couldn't be in my ocean even if you WORSHIP (were ship)
  • This gun will BURST BITCH but I just wanna FIGHT WITH YOU
  • If ya mom cries cuz her son is dead, 2 shots to her head,
  • Now she going RIGHT WITH YOU
  • Mr 40 dying by a M 16, the G''s AROUND YOU
  • KEEP IT DOWN FOOL, cuz if make one move
  • Bullets all over the room, like a bunch of BEES AROUND YOU.
  • It's ME, I FOUND YOU, gave you life, it's TRAGIC
  • I got some MADNESS mixed with MAGIC
  • What I mean is all my other opponents got a 2 piece
  • But you gona get a CASKET

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