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  • Ya style I'll imitate, watch the way I say what I lay, my best guess of what to anticipate, rappin' about the struggle of everyday,
  • Afraid of what tommorow brangs, ya shoulders blades may break if the fate of the fam ain't straight, gotta hustle to be gettin' paid
  • Heavyweight pen game, I said ya style I'll imitate, do it better than subtle like it's been explained,
  • Not on the same page, I could ghostwrite for you homie I too gotta hustle to be gettin' paid...
  • Pathetic, you scared of a bard. Sharing my scars I tear out my heart to wear on my arm with despair in the dark meanwhile sparing some targets for where to throw darts
  • Giving you ammo to rip me in battle, I'm timid and fragile a little bit sad but, you're scared of a bard.
  • - Sometimes I stare at the stars.// Sometimes I watch sparrows in barns.//
  • - Sometimes I dare to reach far, like this faggot's wack ass paragraph bars.//
  • - Born at a fair 'neath a tarp, a clown with his 'down-under' area charred.//
  • - Because his damn tail is on fire whilst being ass and tried to carry the torch.//
  • Simply put, you wack as fuck. Think ya good like you da man, that's tuff, my one finger you're a fraction of
  • Pinky promised the thumb ain't what's bringing you out from being in the cut if your hand is up
  • What ya thinking, you ain't half a lunch, you eating the breakfast of CHUMPIONS: Cappin' Crunch
  • Normally I don't fuck with people that have more losses than wins, that ratio tells me you don't put much thought into this
  • It's the notorious cornball lazy writer that calls himself King
  • Must be a colony of ya, I'll drop bombs all on this huge group of stupid delusionals, shooting for the cost on they head by issuing new confidence checks,
  • Can take it to the bank... I'm not paying respect,
  • The pursuit of perfection I'm throwing my hat in the race, it won't cost you dollars or cents to body me – It'll be an arm and a leg.
  • If I had a wad for every time that I've said "If I had a monetary thing for every time I've seen a God-awful pleb with the sloppiest pen..."
  • I'd be Fly as hell, rich enough to buy and melt down into weaponry whatever your favorite rapper flaunts on his neck
  • Why you jealous, a wannabe-King, boy you ain't on their radar for a list
  • If it's my diamond you step, you're up to bat and ya coffin's full swing, watch this pinata get ripped!
  • Candy everywhere, leave you with the same audience you came with, getting sucked on by the kids
  • Then it comes full circle when you climb in the ring, if you ain't jumping through hoops for a fraudulent win then there's nothing you can do to hide the fact that YOU SUCK TO THESE KIDS
  • And that fuckery got me feeling out of the loop, I guess that means I'm ahead of the curve so if Arc gets an edge, we know what rules he probably bent
  • If he wants something that isn't straight and narrow then it's the red blade of Muramasa he'll get
  • Through the heart, cold and sketchy, still struggling to draw out a breath
  • He couldn't throw shade to save his life, I'd rather see 'em fight his own shadow and defeat it buying throwing if off of a cliff.
  • So climb up the roof or fire up a hot air balloon and fly home like Goose did
  • I'm barely trying, ya losin', thought I was hiding, ya stupid, stop lying, I knew you were a fan of my writing, I'll prove it
  • Leaving comments on why I'm a brute, you just want me to give it to you like the last guy wasn't food, quit
  • Rhyming like a noob calling "BARS!" not even knowing what multi's are, prolly hard for you to open your mind up and use it
  • No denying, we're stupid. The difference? I'm slang for cool, while I define you as foolish
  • I knock out ya brain, unhinged, need an education binge, I'm providing the schooling
  • I give 'em that stank face, you stink, you make me cringe, homie ya diaper is poopy
  • Maybe a binky, some Kool-Aid drink, a blanky, and me singing a lullaby will be soothing...
  • No one knows who you are yet, but they do see why you have TWO FEET in the graveyard set, 'No Survivors' is routine
  • Ark Redd with that Rated-R cred, last time I viewed a red ark I was out buying a movie.
  • You in ya feels on heartbreak, real shit I feel it, I relate... Jumping on a rap spilling a spiel of tirades
  • Sulking what you lost, stop the sullenness, move on, nothing lasts forever except the mark made
  • In a downward spiral, would you rather it be me or your mind to battle on your dark days,
  • Give life to your past like I just supercharged a dino and play you like your girl did an arcade... Now I just beat Ark Survival, heh, not a hard game.


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  • Wait a second mav I heard u had a diss, well let me take that diss and take piss, and smack that shit
  • On ur mother's clique, can't believe you called me a pussy, by the intake on ur raps ur a rookie, u hungry for me and thats wat I like,
  • But u made a mistake trying to challenge me on the mic, cause my raps take off like my air Jordan flights, don't try to diss wat u can't kill
  • , And to me partner if I battle u nigga u won't heal, ur heard Mavs getting on my nerves, u been pressing for a battle why cause u think I'm weak, hold up
  • Lemme take out the devil's inside my head it's time for them to eat, we're I'm from I'm the big ape, and when u get in a rap battle it's like a test u cant retake,
  • So I gotta murder you to whatever extent it takes, look at u trying to be buzz light year the almighty, that's what I'm saying
  • You are a toy that's never worth finding, for everyone that battles me I'm never undwinding, say some that streaks my shine of light then nigga we fighting, to much shade , nigga I'm the toughest of
  • The card game I'm the ace, hold up give the king a sec give him some space, I'll tell you like everyone else I'm something u can't replace, ur lines are weak, there so trash I can't speak em,
  • If the police was to unravel this case then u would be the victim , cause I kilt u with some of arks craft it's called rap curisma , face me on the streets and let ur ass take AK shots now I'm a double killer,
  • Stomping on your arrogant turf, this battle win is something u never deserve , sit back and observ, as I preach don't get ur ass beat,
  • By the slice of arks big ape feet, I'm like (it) the clown i scare this scary btch mav and I repeat, I'm #5 on the charts I'm heading to take my king seat, and whoever steps in my way
  • Is faceing immortal deafet,ain't no ark take it easy on me , Maverick will never be a Savage ,hunting his clique cause his boyfriend just had it, u might have been here longer then me
  • But ur lines are fake, there no match for the big ape, if u read this niggas lines he's never rapping , he's just capping on shit that he think he can do, but if he actually tried to do that pussy shit he
  • Wouldn't even have a clue, his mama pussy wet like grape juice, that's reminds me ur moms on the news, I fucked her so hard that she passed away as I shot my glue,
  • That's why ur mama was in her room for an hour or 2, she was dealing with me , cause my rap still deserves a deep fuck , winning this battle good luck, I'll put ur body
  • In a sex trafficking truck if u try to revoke my steam, just playing my boy u got scared naw my records are clean, KHAAA MAAY KHAMAA HAIIII!! Throw my civilian bars like kakarot ,no matter wat
  • U say cant ever beat me in a battle mentally, or physically , ur a kid I can tell , how was last week preschool show and tell , undeniably it's ark,and Mavs the pussy btch that remains off the top 10 charts,
  • Look at him he's stuttering with purple Haze, remember kid I'm the key to the outside of the maze, I'm the nigga u go to when you want heavy bars smacked in ur face, arks dominant I've mastered my craft , mav don't look at me as
  • A criminal no more think of me as ur dad, what u mad ,I honestly don't give a fuck go master ur craft, thats an order buzz the fake, u should of new u didn't have a shot on ark I'm the big ape,that God himself creates

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