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use your first diss track. whether its bad or not. no recordings unless if it was recorded and you dont got the lyrics for it. and good luck

Max of 64 lines


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  • hey hey bitch stay out my way or get hit with my lyrical ak like that 47
  • cause we all bored of seven words that yall mumble fuckers know,
  • yea u sacred cause u know we about to blow, cause we got that lyrical flow
  • to get to the top of the game, we aint here to play, yall's gameplay is the same,
  • ur bull shit sounds lame, we're all comin for u , do u know what we bout to do?
  • naw, Prolly not, we bout to knock ur socks off ur feet and beat the beat,
  • we wil not eat defeat to niggaz who cant talk right so square up and fight,
  • hit 'em with that hard 1-2 go strait through u, yea, hit 'em and sick 'em with words
  • hard as a pitbull you niggaz is pityful excuses for rappers,
  • sick as our trappers u will become, undone,
  • for the 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and mumble mutha fucka's are at my door
  • and 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 shots in my glock, bouta pop 'em off
  • 1-2 bust the door
  • 3-4 cock the glock
  • and 5-6 shot the four
  • and 7-8 leave no trace
  • and 9-10 ill do it again to any new mumble mutha fucka who try's to step to me again,
  • so y'all betta call a rev-er-end cause your niggaz time is about ta end.
  • u got shit to say, i'll shoot you down to where u niggaz is sayin
  • "mayday mayday we goin down in to the town lookin like clowns"
  • well we'll shoot u down to hell and drag u back like a rat attack,
  • u lookin scared as a bat, lay down imma use u as a door mat,
  • niggaz is wack in fact i got vin jay's track,
  • so i guess me and him is leaving you mumble rappers in the back
  • tacked to the bottom through autumn spring summer and winter,
  • shootin you with spring loaded splinters in the winter,
  • man i left u niggaz in the gutter lookin like butter meltin in the summer heat,
  • so u niggaz can eat defeat, kapeesh, u feel me u fat ass sack of meat,
  • ill beat u like a punching bag while u niggaz sag u fags,
  • get u some tags put u on the shelf and sell u to some weirdo mutha fucka,
  • like the snitch bitch tariyaki tekashi 6-9 or lil pump u punk mutha fucka,
  • puncha sucka till he down on the ground down for the count,
  • sad that the nigga wont feel it cause of the drugs he take,
  • i cant wait for him to get back up so i can do it again and again and again,
  • till he get it through his head that we lyricists are legends of the game,
  • yea we aint playin you feel what im sayin we the legends of rap,
  • test us we'll take a bat to your career and your take ear like tyson,
  • the best of the bison, we cuttin ties from these fuckers who can't talk and rap right,
  • usin ghostwriters u bitches, get ur own shit,
  • im tired of hearin people bumpin your shit, we work for this shit,
  • u just try to makes sounds with you non existant mouth,
  • imma make sure u niggaz career goes south,
  • while we sit on a couch and watch as u niggaz crumble before the best of the best,
  • u better bet that we the best of the best,
  • before u even think about takin shots at us,
  • make a fuss all u want cause we makin sure that u niggaz aint got none.
  • Fuck

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