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Friendly Battle, good luck BZ.

Max of 24 lines


ReversedTrails won this battle!


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  • //0:21
  • Split ya in half like equator so hard, ya got to get the white flag, only time you will ascend is in heaven
  • A lot of things you lack is your major in bars, come at me with ya huge paragraphs, my pen's a weapon
  • Your face is already burnt and this is the start, ya about to feel my wrath, after this you have to call nine eleven
  • This battle ain't blind, but I can win this blindfolded literal facts, drop ya harder than you in school like expellin'
  • You're just not the type, to have too much effect or impact, so let me teach you a goddamn lesson
  • You're dead just like skype, you about to be smacked, cause in here I am the lyrical veteran
  • You can't piece up your on organization, while I got ya on my scope like a shot from a sniper
  • Your skill is invisible feels like you never were in rap nation, so invisible it's like a ghost writer
  • I keep destroying you back and forth like a Tennis station, ya losing this like the french empire
  • Call me a pastor cause you'll be in the ground bowing and prayin', ya regreting this like oppenheimer
  • You signed your own death contract when ya just came in, to me you're not a qualifier
  • I don't even need a match cause you're already damn destroyed, I got that carbon fiber
  • You don't even need to get started, cause your pain is chronic, by my dribblin' punches
  • Just quit you're plain retarded, you're more inconsistent than cartoon logic, you lack substance
  • Your dead body is my new carpet, you liquid while I'm solid, get ready to get destroyed in public
  • Good luck, BZ23.


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  • so i got some kid wanting to battle, thinking his words will rattle me,
  • and set an example of who he can handle, but i'll light his ass up like a candle,
  • and set his flaming corpse on a pike outside my rap castle, thinking he's a natural,
  • move out the way kid, else you'll just end up as collateral damage,
  • and like a wreck, people will be there collecting your salvage,
  • thinking you a savage, but the only thing you'll manage to do is throw up your white flag,
  • calling yourself a veteran, you said you've been rapping for a year, i've been rappin for 3,
  • so with this information, i can conclude that you ain't shit compared to me,
  • saying im liquid, but you just barely stayin afloat, you hittin me,
  • but im usin ali's rope-a-dope and waiting til he's tired to go around,
  • and to choke this broke fucking joke, til he passes out or taps out,
  • you a pityful excuse for a rapper, reading your shit gave my aunt cancer,
  • but lets get back to the matter at hand, i want you to understand that this aint a diss,
  • just stating facts, like how your better off doing battle analysis's than battling other people,
  • your failed attempt at a battle verse is feeble, step up with that shit and this shit'll be lethal,
  • like the injection being done with a used rusty needle, this aint gonna be peaceful,
  • more like the pain from getting all your limbs ran over from an 18 wheeled diesel,
  • im a lyrical serial killer when it comes to writing quality material,
  • if we were to be compared, you would be an imperial soldier, and i'd be the empire you belong to,
  • i would continue, but it'd unjust to crush an irrelevant fuck of a wannabe rapper.
  • Good luck R.T.

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