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u started it. mad styll?

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  • are you mad bro? but hurt about a one star rating
  • but it aint my fault you got a bad flow
  • you about to be third dead rapper this week
  • motherfucker and im still in my bathrobe
  • still with the cash flow, and a bad hoe
  • without rappad you couldn't even stand, like it's your backbone
  • whats the difference between me and you?
  • I got a studio all you got is phone, its looking sad bro
  • my drops go harder than your mom dropped you
  • as an infant child, but since then you grew
  • you got a big ego, and puny Iq
  • you got no career but you seem to think you do
  • you crusty old head, you must be envious
  • ima pretty boy, and you looking pretty penniless
  • my drops all hot, and you don't make hits
  • miss all your shots, cant talk slick with a lisp
  • calling me beibs, but motherfucker im a star
  • im at the top of tree, you at bottom of a chart
  • to say the least, this silly goof is sub par
  • and he's coming at me, so il come thru with the bars
  • il come thru with the beats, and yeah i made em myself
  • im coming thru with the heat, make ur girlfriend melt
  • oh wait, she dead, at least you'll see her in in hell
  • too bad the song you wrote about it nobody felt
  • I aint a gangster, no I'm just hip hop
  • im stone cold with the raps you should kick rocks
  • so bold with the bars like gold so far
  • i wont watch my mouth this aint kids bop
  • tik tok thots on my dick leave lip gloss
  • yeah I got drip never need a wrist watch
  • but im iffy when the site is full of yes men
  • so im kinda picky with the writtens when i give props


Attached media not accessible.

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  • Yo check it hold up a second i came here to wreck shit
  • flow sweet like chocolate this kid talkin nonsense hence
  • what comes next like tech shit legit do i dare hit this
  • little bitch noncents with comets like he thinkin i
  • give a fuck about his comments ladies and gents let
  • us check the contents he not hard enough to roam the
  • projects its common logic i roll up a stick give it a lick
  • and light up taking a puff that's straight chronic ironic that this lil fuck sittin
  • at is parents still playin sonic while im quick flippin bricks
  • and flippin tricks just for kicks he should have kept eyes on his six
  • Thats to bad now he takin the tips of six dicks an one pig in the mix
  • im gonna roast em and keep roastin em till this bitch quits rappad
  • raging mad maybe sit an chat with his dad then take his mom
  • face down an ass up givin it a slap makin that big ass clap
  • dry penetrate her gap just to nutt on her face asap
  • like a arab startin a new fade now he calls me dad so Ill take noncents to the lab
  • to show the lil bitch how to actually rap before I strap a gas mask
  • on is face in a flash fast blazin him with a nuclear blast
  • noncents is moronically nonsense but in his defense
  • What should be written next let's watch him try n flex
  • But he doesn't have the strength to lift the sets that I'll rep
  • Better bet ya gonna have to spit ur best yet to be even a threat
  • So don't even suggest thinking he will pass my test before he gets laid to rest
  • You will be R.I.P. killed by Diamond D so EZ im likely to be VIP'd for an MVP
  • Trophy no cents he will be running back to his Parents afraid to sleep
  • Hearing no peeps as the crickets creak abundance of subdivisions
  • Between him and me and the league in which I compete
  • He is likely to be plagued with disease likely it'll be a breeze
  • Beatin this wannabe emcee that doesnt compare to my flow still "rare"
  • When he is so far from being raw when the steaks are high
  • My bars are so well done By the end of this
  • he'll need to communicate his bars threw a medium
  • the key reason His bars will probably need to be redone
  • Using this Little bitch ass rapper to release some demons
  • Losing his self esteem while Diamond gainin steam
  • Leave him lucid in his dreams stuck in between that’s poltergeist
  • Don’t look surprised when we arrive in front of Christ with you as my sacrifice
  • a slice of advice don’t try me twice I’ll make ya pay the ultimate price and end ya life
  • And still haunt your ass in the afterlife and slice ya twice with a dull knife
  • A precise device but you rolled the dice never am I gonna be nice
  • When I vocalize and broke the ice it left noncents traumatized I’m not surprised
  • I’ve read your rhymes hooked on phonics simple nursery rhymes compared to D’s raw demonic lines
  • That be rippin out your spine no where else online will you find a flow so complex quiet like mine
  • Diamonds rhymes shattered your mind here lemme slow time and let you gather your brain matter

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