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  • Dope Doc makes a bold claim/
  • "I Demolished NorStars written career a year ago." lame/
  • I never made a livin off of a written Nor had no fame/
  • So what tha fuck are you really sayin, boy quit playin/
  • You fuckin loser self abuser sorry scooter your free ride is over pay the uber/
  • I warned your simple ass a year past step wrong again and I was gon school ya/
  • Well class is in session you wanna flex son Grandad gon learn ya a lesson/
  • This fuckin dweeb need a lebodamy to fix his noodle God bless him/
  • I'm Jin Kazama with this Tek and/Tekkan whippin that ass is jus a testament/
  • Of things I do ya for disrespectin a fuckin legend/
  • Fuckin peasant how daphuq are you 2 dwarfs with no sleepin princess/
  • Sleepin restless this smith and Wesson for talkin shit will leave u breathless/
  • I go for throat and leave u headless like Ichabod Crane for steppin wreckless/
  • This dude take more pricks to the lips than an arborist makin out with a cactus/
  • He like so what at least I dont go broke on chap stick ole nasty bitch/
  • Pucker up and suck this clip all rounds and dont spit/
  • I will have your ass workin a corner take your money and blow it on your momma/
  • You ain't had a single hit your no Saitama/
  • Fuckin weirdo that thrives on drama Dope Doc mo soft then charmin double ply pass this man child a baba/
  • Wanna binky your diaper stinky well man tha fuck up and take care of yourself you fuckin weenie/
  • Oh Norstars a big meanie huh Jamal and Kara yea they hate me/
  • Vote against me out of spite talk about petty/
  • Those votes you get from them are strictly charity/
  • They scared of me for no reason but you my dude need to be/
  • I will tell you where I stay but you stay duckin real Gs/
  • Fuckin wannabe gonna be eliminated most efficiently/
  • Dissin me is like wishin me to visit you in your sleep/
  • With a bloody bladed guillotine and keep your head for displaying/
  • Cant relate to anything you write it's all garbled nonsense/
  • Like reading vomit I post non blind and you regurgitate all on it with that weak ass sonnet/
  • Like a dick this bitch jump on it dick Ridahs anonymous Double D really want it/
  • Fake Tits writes fake shit he on that horse play but I ain't one to be played with/
  • Dont say shit and jus waistin alot of lines loaded with hatred/
  • You cant spit and ain't shit you can ever write to change it/
  • Go smoke a cigarette laced with cyanide and jump in front of a train bitch/
  • Your tainted I think its bout time someone came in and flagged you as a contagion/
  • That needs to be quarantined and disposed of in isolation/
  • This gangrene chunk of chode meat so weak he cant hold up his own participation trophy/
  • Bro please your so below me it's like I'm crushing a mole beneath my old feet from the nosebleeds/
  • You stoked this flame like mo coal please and it blew up in your face like a ACME/
  • Cigar lit by Daffy duck me dawg or get at me either way the results wont make you happy/
  • Fuckin with granpappy will get ya wig split like we went halvsies/
  • Cant get shit past me like constipation this thug nation lay waist to racist self proclaimed kings whose lines are tasteless/
  • Face it I'm ageless timeless and sayin anything different falls mute like your pages/
  • On pages of raps so stop hatin/
  • I'm takin this V and your title like I took your battle placement/
  • Keep up that bullshit and the next thing will be your life that I'm taken/
  • And live it like its mine and wreck NorStar as retaliation/
  • Someone has to say it but Doc your rhymes are jus basic/
  • Nuthin special bout them hoes jus lines of filler annotated/
  • I get folks pulse racing then bring em to they feet hands wavin/
  • Back and forth up and down you ain't even hip hop adjacent/
  • So don't play with me boy I'm not your son or a toy/
  • Not a game Nor a puzzle I'm an enigma and real McCoy/
  • This strike 2 for ya foo you dont wanna see 3/
  • I could roast you for weeks I keep plenty of weed/
  • So put that in your pipe and smoke it and stay off my dick Double D/
  • Only tit jobs I receive are from my wifey/


  • Bar for Bar like a Jail Cell surrounded by hell's Guard/ see, I'ma bombard when you bomb hard and your career is buried in Satan's backyard!,
  • Along with your science fiction writtens, nothing but fake depictions of a murderer getting convicted/ Ya' got evicted, can't be a man for your family, with that itchin', sucking dick addiction,
  • shit, lyrically twice your size, I despise dykes who think they can step to me, it'll be a Dark Knight/ more like Genocide, slicing you two times, that'll be the correct definition when I slice your eyes with a butchers knife,
  • Chemistry bombs painted pictures of deadly twans tangling with the god of swans/ My double clips came in bronze cuz I'ma drop this neutron, fucking moron this ain't Cod, you won't respawn,
  • Deadly bombasts inflicted in the neck, suffocation from a vice grip entering anaconda/ NorStar is a fucking mistake, "daddy" should've left em' in that condom,
  • It's a fucking joke that you typed in so many lines, we've seen you cry so many times/ But you're a PUSSY, it'd only take about 9 times to take them 9 lives,
  • I've fulfilled such menacing excellence that' turn emcee's to skeletons/ Lyrics are like a chemical element, that help me explode specialists to overcome deficits/
  • Without a doubt a thousand rounds surrounds these hounds with body counts/ the crowd is out, can't take the crown, in every bout your skill is 0, like the Cleveland Browns,
  • I got this dynamic volcanic satanic talent, slapping asses make 'em drop like the titanic/ No need to panic laid to rest on a hammock, played the best but got swept like the CAVS did to the park of Jurassic,
  • You beg motherfuckers to show up in your votings/ But I got that UFC mindset going, this shit is like Artest to Harden, nothing but filthy elbowing,
  • Forgot what they told me, Couple a' Rings, added more banners and trophies/ I'm too hot for the water of holy, you can't walk in my shoes but you can eat the sock, Mick Foley,
  • Before you talk about swagger, toss them socks in the fucking hamper/ slap that look off your face in an abstract manner, couldn't accept the challenger's response cuz you were too' coked up to answer,
  • The author's a doctor, his insults bother his daughter's father/ Last memory of him will be him getting' lyrically slaughtered and tossed in a locker,
  • Because slap boxing with doc the god is odd guess you forgot he doesn't need a squad/ What he needs is your mother to squat so he can fuck her non stop,
  • Fuck the block that you claim, scope ready to aim at your domain/ Smokin' a Mary Jane, Mr Pencil-Vania running a train around your jugular vein,
  • You'll need a personal trainer to help you become the racer you were before getting nailed by a Burgundy Pacer/ I'll make sure you were never born, went back in time and inside ya' moms pussy I stuck an Eraser,
  • I'm sick of the corruption, I've held in some volcanic eruption/ depression in this dungeon has reached the capacity time for destruction,
  • Fuck the world and everything in it, is what I spit at these idiots and critics/ Bashing these written's, but you're a coked up autistic bitch that switched gimmicks got six dicks stiffed in' while in the Doc's prison,
  • Make up your fucking mind, god, wish this guy stepped on a landmine/ and crushes his spine, until he twists his neck like a box of red vines,
  • Spit 'n Vomit in each of his eye sockets, carrying nuts in ya pockets/ You and Sonny L' jerk each other off in the closet, but fuck the gossip,
  • I wet hoes like water faucets, so quit being toxic 'n talking/ About someone who will throw a solid punch that'll keep your jaw rocking,
  • Choke the life out of you and it'll reveal the snake venom/ Exploded rectums, whip your bare ass with an antenna from the nearby cantenna, I'm the number one contenda',
  • Split heads like off like they've been remodeled with clay/ Im lucky, I get to break him in half like a PAYDAY candy, and still get PAID,
  • Lay off the xanex, you're acting like an attention seeking has-been/ Dawg, quit rapping, You rub your guts up male sluts with their nuts, rumor has it, it's your habit,
  • Taking 70% of his life like a bottle of Jack Daniels/ His Adams apple fed to mammals, he needed his glasses to see that I ain't no easy win and cancel this battle,
  • Seven chemistry bombs attached to his heavy palms/ he put himself in the ways of harm, losing this shouldn't alarm this fuckin animal from the barn,
  • You've been beaten, don't know why you're speaking/ Peep the Piper picking pussys off the bikers with snipers, every bar this writer presents automatically label's em a liar,
  • I'm lyrically injuring these G's, It's no wonder why you got dirty knees/ Sucking up your boyfriend, you're eating his Vietnamese D,
  • Round of applause for the forum's puppet, Too bad you ain't Psycho/ Otherwise you'd be someone we could actually stomach,
  • But we don't cuz you're annoying, it ain't my fault you're on the line of unemployment/ picking on those younger it's quite disappointing, Kids' try ignoring this faggot's annoyance,
  • Fat lip when I sock ya and you collapse all over your fat belly/ wake up the next morning with Semi's aimed at ya fuckin' career, about twenty, ready,
  • It'll be a surprise if you respond, beyond this your credibility is bombed/ Your bitch got her two holes filled with my 7' Inch, uh, James Bond,
  • Beat you too many times, Nor, go recycle/ Used to play football huh, well your whole body gets lyrically thrown off a building, downward spiral style,
  • Hercules at his knees, real G's move keys/ My lyrics fire like a Mac Ten, plus I got the money, now that's some Mac and Cheese,
  • I'm too tall to even fall to this nerds standards/ this stan got ran over by a Ford, the driver was Stanford, your bitch got hammered, her pussy backwards,
  • Hopefully these whooping's gave you time to be awoken/ he's broken, too much choking against the Dope and, I'll pass the L to you and Sonny, "Like it's a semi-colon",
  • The rise of Son/Sun was far from radiant, metaphors eat the salient/ How are you the GOD of all battles when your household is full of atheists,
  • Seriously Nor, please stop, you're bad at this job/ Don't be afraid to overdose on the DOPE, that's why at the end there's a DOC,

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