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  • To all the veteran's who have bettered our freedom, fighting through the holiday and
  • seasons, Giving everything until they stop breathing, I'm seeing that the government is now up
  • to something, you give you life while they are giving you nothing, Take a look around
  • see what our world is becoming, War and world hunger is what we be funding, Am I the only
  • one that realizes the tragedy, They are waking up looking for their family, Days turn to months
  • and it's filling them with agony, War is a must but I can't agree the casualties,
  • Every day I fucking wonder if the death has doubled it's number, For the people that
  • gotta suffer, Kids losing their fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, Where do we all go
  • after we've left the universe? If our lives already suck will it all be 10 times worse?
  • Words hurt we can't find a way to reverse, fix all these problems at school,
  • With the lame separating the lame from the cool, and what about the kids addicted to
  • their meds? Do they just go home and lay in their beds predicting and praying to be
  • dead, Slit their wrists and watch as it bled, Tears barely shed, Rumors begin to spread,
  • Stitched them selves up thread by thread, Forget, forgive, move on, move ahead,
  • Rip pictures to shreds, Put bullets in their heads, Yeah, And then you all greave and
  • dread, and wish you did something else to prevent instead, And what about the kids
  • that go to bed hungry not knowing if they will ever be fed?
  • (I dread)
  • (I dread)
  • I dread) The kids that get jobs at 13 and actually apply,
  • Cheap scums the money doesn't ever multiply,
  • There is no future for us bury me six feet,
  • Put me in a coffin so I feel the defeat,
  • Sorry for all the nasty tweets I tried to
  • delete, Sorry to all the girls that I did cheat,
  • Rip my heart out and shove it down 6 feet,
  • Do what you can to fight the monster until you retreat,
  • Suffocate me and destroy my heart beat,
  • Make sure that I don't breathe.


  • dear lord can u hear me
  • these mumble rappers fear me
  • were getting nowhere near
  • the peace, dirty police shoot
  • brothers down, women raped
  • and kidnapped, niggas paranoid ready to die
  • bullets fly in a neighborhood drive by
  • gun violence put to silence cuz the government
  • don't give 2 fucks bout the citizens only the bucks
  • were never gonna receive good riddance,
  • the rhymes that i rap are written
  • however if im clever they claim i should hang
  • in prison, better off killing my fame and
  • rise, cuz the evil eyes in dark despise me,
  • envy and the state are our enemy,
  • were filled with hate, misguided kids turned
  • to grown man, if your skilled and got money
  • they steal, all of our real industry
  • artists, are taking from us,
  • nipsey was one of the young bright ones
  • it ain' right these fake mcess, are given G's
  • a bunch of phonies, my homies
  • talking to me on the phone while im behind the cell
  • walls, niggas don't live for me, i tell what's the reality
  • niggaz ready to pull triggers and deadly thoughts
  • the government mad at me, for my analogy when i describe
  • our fucked up community, now we at war missiles and pistols
  • fired back to back iraq and america, bruh, this shit is not the plot we need our young kids should read and get green, not turn greed
  • and watch bodies dropped in front of their eyes, greiving,
  • we've been receding in a rot place, in this disgrace world
  • shit isn't fair, we should focus on improving and moving forward no wars no killing nothing, only everyone eating and getting rich and living equally without society problems

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