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just put in raw emotion nothing else

Max of 60 lines


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  • So close yet so far
  • I sit at the bar
  • Wondering will I ever be a rap star
  • Its so bizarre
  • I don't have 808's
  • Is it OK?
  • Being a rap star needs the new things
  • Not lyrics like back then
  • I just listen to music so I don't cry
  • I just listen to music so I don't wanna die
  • I just listen to music I wonder why
  • I just make to music so I don't have to try
  • My grandpa died when I was 12
  • I still have his picture on my shelve
  • He was old and didn't kill himself
  • I might do me though so just watch out
  • Just watch now
  • Love's all I found
  • Keeping me from ending it all
  • My body will be the next one to fall
  • People say I'm so depressed
  • And my music says the rest
  • What? Want me to rip up my chest
  • And rip the heart out of it
  • You don't know what deep is
  • Its my shiz
  • Fuck it
  • I don't need your pitty for my shit


  • I work hard everyday, stayin' at my room, lookin' for lyrics to slay.
  • I don't think i'm okay, honestly I just need a break.
  • Once you get to the point where, you don't know what else to write, thousands
  • of pages I tear, sometimes I get emotional and I shed a tear, sometimes I just
  • rage, cause a rampage then I disengage from this rap game, don't blame me.
  • Everyday I gotta deal with these lames, one day my flame is gonna burn out,
  • I hope that ain't before the day that I gain my fame, I don't know if I can remain
  • and maintain this reign, my membrane is insane, gotta switch lanes, yeah.
  • Lately my life's been difficult and i've been in pain. I'm too tired to explain,
  • my heart's been broken from an explosion, of raw emotion. Fuck, wish
  • somebody would just go and throw me into the ocean. I'm flowin' trying
  • to hold on, but this handle's slippery like lotion.
  • How many times can I say the same lines different ways that fucking rhyme.
  • i'm sublime, you're just like slime, after I snap your spine. I'm in my prime.
  • Pumakidd, if you keep practicing like me, maybe you'll get big one day,
  • and succeed. I'm not here to diss, or reminisce, i'm here for the future,
  • and hopefully my life will be super, but i'm the villain like Luther. I'm a shooter
  • to these losers, spittin' this last verse, putting mc's in a hearse. My gift's
  • a fucking curse! Like I got a fuck you for Christmas, and now it's just me
  • against the world and the whole fucking universe, uh.

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