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  • i laugh when I look at this nigga, he goes by the name fly god
  • get off rappad go back to twitter on some virtual livestock
  • i throw ya watch in the sky you're gonna die
  • i warned you, your time's up you're gonna fly
  • the fuck is up with fresh enterprise
  • y'all mothers will look at the skies, to specify
  • No matter how much ya posse is growing and voting
  • The more I'm growing y'all roses, y'all getting coached and then roasted
  • you one of them niggas who enter with motive
  • and feminem clothing to rhyme with the orange
  • don't even know yo buddies names but I wipe lists
  • i'm firing, beating niggaz to violet, they call me a scientist
  • nigga called himself poppy on some flower shit
  • it's papi planting the seed in yo dowel pin
  • cause that nigga's soft like FLOUR IS
  • don't act innocent and get sour like vinegar
  • over the N word, I get y'all distanced from your christendom
  • soft ass flower shit like chrysanthemum, y'all bound to drown, I'm catching bodies like fisherman
  • just had Christmas man and it's freezing but y'all still here teasing
  • Like what's the reason when this season y'all ceasing
  • call yourself a captain, this ain't marvel you won't survive
  • catch yo ass in a basin you'll pass away overnight


  • RonJohn...ya name sound like a fat plumber's name,
  • I'd hunt you like game, cook ya over a flame 'till ya burn.
  • Too bad it's 22 lines 'cause I'd have ya dialing the lifeline by nine,
  • my punchline combines rhymes, writing like a madman,
  • of this battle I consider this the highlights.
  • Called yourself a monarch but you're more like cattle
  • I'll kill in the stockyard; leave 'em scarred, you'll get beaten for no reason.
  • I can't believe ya called yourself ''emcee Donald'',
  • you're an asshole you know that?
  • I'd take you out in combat; attack like a Bobcat, leave ya skull cracked.
  • Got me thinking you a cannibal,
  • step in my jungle you're dealin' with a different animal.
  • Toss C4 across his path like a psychopath,
  • the aftermath is his brains squashed, too bad Ron wasn't playing smart.
  • Stirke 'em with an ax perhaps until he collapse from these attacks;
  • shove Ron in a sack, then kill 'em with the ax again like a lumberjack.

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