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Written Rap or Verse, NO Recording 16-24 lines Topic: Ur deepest opinions, thoughts or beliefs u have and wonder about

Max of 24 lines


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  • Here are some words of comfort,
  • accept Christ in the lives and in the afterlife, be granted
  • In a better place of everlasting paradise that even the Devil can't take away,
  • as a non-believer, don't take one's self or him for granted
  • Hell as afterlife is permanent, and living here wasn't wished or granted
  • Heaven is promised and guranteed,
  • see, as a Christian it's all apart of God's planning
  • Having to go through trials and tribulations,
  • Is what wasn't understanding
  • In the Bible, in the book of : Revelations : it answered the questions
  • Every belonging owned on Earth will stay here, can not keep prized-possessions
  • When leaving this World, all of the Earthly things owned will be left behind
  • God knows when his poeople are ready to go home,
  • but if Christ comes back by then, don't want to be left behind
  • If so, and If that mark is made then it'll worsen
  • end up stuck in this world, the same world birthed in
  • If that's the case then be charged with guilt,
  • and drown in a fiery lake as eternal imprisonment
  • Now aware, I know what will happen if there's no innocence
  • Know better now, so do not plead to be innocent


  • life is full of mystery
  • never knowing what is going on out there
  • full of mystery full of wonder not knowing where it hits you
  • No matter what you go, it will always find you
  • Life is full of mystery, knowing that there are danger close by
  • you are never too careful when you are heading toward danger
  • Life is full of mystery and danger but you never know when it's coming your way.

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