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Battle on January 6 2020


  • I came here looking for a good time, or an excuse to use my pen
  • Found a buncha bitches stealin rhymes thinkin they sound like eminem
  • Bitches with no imagination, so they steal shit to earn a fuckin 'reputation'
  • It's alright, I'm playin patient, but its time to come out of my hibernation
  • Like an ancient beast I've been in waiting for a chance to earn my respect
  • But I've found the hornets nest of kiddies on the internet
  • And I got an intellect so great it'll disconnect your spine from your brain
  • Y'all don't even understand what I'm sayin, this is just a game I'm playin
  • Damn and I came to battle rap
  • Found a bunch of kids playin with knives
  • Motherfucker I brought the battle axe
  • Y'all are toyota and I'm a cadillac
  • I take that back, y'all to young to drive
  • Go back to playin at the bike rack
  • And just like that, I just might snap
  • Life hack, don't bite the hand feedin you night snacks
  • I wrote a fuckin diss track for kids who can't read a paragraph
  • Cuz I got mad but now I'm bored of it, I'm like a quarter back who can corner kick
  • Too much to say, I'm mixin games, and I guess dissin kids, is kinda lame
  • So I'll end it here, cuz it appears
  • My ideas are a lil too mature for your underage ears


  • Why did God make and have me decide
  • Why is my life here on Earth only a limited time
  • Life is short, life's too short, and my question is why
  • I think it's God's test, I think he is testing me
  • Why is our adversary, the enemy always get the best of me
  • The best out of me, why is there so much pressure on me
  • Satan always tempting me to make mistakes,
  • and I get tempted to be lead into temptation
  • Since the Lord is perfection and he perfected his creations,
  • then why am I not born nor become a perfect sensation
  • If I were born as God's child, then why can I find that I'm on the loser side tho
  • Be lost and don't enjoy life here, how could I get or feel suicidal
  • How could and why would I commit suicide and homicide
  • Kill, murder, or take somebody's life away as a result of genocide
  • What if I want to stay here,
  • but I can't decide to live long and I don't expect to die
  • I don't want sudden death, and what do I die from
  • As a youth, I am not prepared or ready,
  • tell me why can I die young
  • " because I am here, but I don't belong here "
  • I'll never forget to keep that in my remembrance
  • I know and I'm not saying I am guilty, but I can't approve to be innocent

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