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  • look I don´t got time for conversation spend all this time makein payments why you hatein
  • so just stop all your hatein Contemplatein including all ya´ll who said I wouldn´t
  • make it and i did an you still hatein now i´m in the studio i will chuck up the duce
  • to let you know I don't give a fuck i run it up for you other bitchs to get stuck in a drag race
  • ¨I am so sorry love that i hurt you¨ i rater burn u fuck nope
  • It's not making sense to you right now but you really thought that i gave a
  • fuck nope cause I said it and I meant it cause i can´t do it no more you bitchs really
  • think you got me on the floor huh They gotta like a nigga, call me Obama
  • I am pretty cool wit yo baby mama you say u a G huh well guess what I´m an OG your fonny like James Comey
  • I´m a bad bitch murdering another bitch trigger being pulled, nigga in a ditch
  • I hand out them stitches a bad bitch gonna give yo nigga his wishes i´m handin out theies diss´s
  • like i´m Nikki but i wanna b me not barbie i am more like cardi b wit that ferrari.


  • Blind rap?
  • Guess it's time to see what my mind has
  • Time that I prepare my pen for a nice chat
  • Yeah I'm fast at writing but it comes with a price tag
  • Cuz when I freestlye I find that my eyes roll back
  • 90 into oncoming traffic just like that
  • It's so bad I'm pronounced dead on the scene
  • But I can't stop writing
  • This pen was meant for me
  • In fact it was sent from hell for me
  • When I pick it up it alters my mentality
  • And sends my brain to an alternate reality
  • And I wake to the brutality caused by my possessed personality
  • Actually I'm getting off track
  • Kinda normal for me to do in fact
  • But let's bring it back to you
  • Cuz it's like I got this trap set
  • And I'm distractin myself from what you haven't said
  • No point in thinkin about it, I know your wack and I ain't read your rap yet
  • My mics dead, I like to turn my opponents insults into my strength
  • I ain't got that option now, so I gotta go with what's in my head
  • And when I do that it gets violent, cuz the silence is eating my eyelids
  • Damn that was wack
  • I ain't scared of you though
  • Cuz I know whatever shit you got ain't nothing compared to what I wrote

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