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  • You fucking Rookies are hazards
  • Thinking you a God when your at usual standard
  • You cheeky year 7 bastards
  • I'll leave you battered and tattered
  • I'll leave your body parts scattered
  • I'm the one here trying to master
  • While you bitches in laughter thinking you a gangster
  • When you pussies have no anger
  • I'm climbing up this ladder
  • Destined to be the best rapper
  • I'll leave you fucking shattered
  • Leave you unanswered!
  • Verse 2 quick verse
  • Putting me to Isolation
  • When I'm getting no education it drives me to fucking frustration
  • How am I complaining when we're debating
  • Talking about this shitty school saying it's amazing
  • When it's failing,and you motherfuckers hating
  • Stop with that hesitation
  • I thought you were demonstrating that this school has a good reputation
  • Or maybe I'm mistaken or you bitches are faking
  • I don't even know anymore..
  • Sending me to Newast,
  • Is that the fucking law?
  • thinking you bad, thinking you raw?
  • Thinking this fucking school has no flaws
  • Round of applause,
  • For lying to me and causing this war
  • It's time to go hardcore
  • And leave you fucking teachers dead on the floor
  • Even the female ones,the ones that are hors!
  • Verse 3 Another Quick Verse
  • Excluding me repeatedly
  • Will not lead you to fucking victory
  • Making my live a fucking misery
  • You don't even know my abilities
  • You motherfucking teachers think I have a disability
  • Well lemme tell you something-
  • You don't have no sympathy,
  • You lost your dignity,
  • Excluding me for acting physically,
  • Well your the ones thinking cynically
  • You disagree?
  • Then why the fuck you spreading so much hate and negativity?!

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