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  • King Savage on the beat I'm on a killing spree
  • Your Bae want the D don't be mad at me
  • I ain't lame nigga I just pull the fucking trigger
  • I'm an OG and I make it look easy
  • Don't show Mercy coz I'm in a hurry to prove that I'm worthy and it's a long journey
  • Earning this doe coz i got the flow
  • Bout to go pro ain't fucking with no Hoe
  • Got my nigga Eve Eve's coz we run this streets
  • Fuck 5.0 We Gon sell this dope
  • Killing these niggas just for fun
  • When you see us nigga better run
  • Pull up with the Gang it's a fucking homicide
  • Hang with the realest we the fucking drug dealers
  • Fuck with us better stop
  • Fuck with us and you'll get dropped


  • Fucked his broad but then I didn't wanna keep her;
  • I get more head than Jeffrey Dahmer's freezer.
  • Keep it going? I kick that shit: soccer cleat.
  • Keep it going? Any rapper I de-feat,
  • When you rap, the shit sound like a soliloquy.
  • You’ll get shot in front your son, nigga.
  • And when that burner bang,
  • leave a grape splattered all over his Prince.
  • What’s that? Purple Rain.
  • Now pay attention, folks, cause if he cross that intersection,
  • in a second his inner section get intercepted.
  • Then flame his bitch; make his heart burn, no indigestion.
  • Your bitch said you're a boy,
  • and I'm a man, and that's the real difference.
  • You can't measure up; that's why I rule her like twelve inches,
  • but let’s use the metric system.
  • Guess I gotta switch the plan,
  • Soon as I get sent to meet her,
  • she on her knees, unzipping pants.
  • You the head of the house.
  • Well I'll kill a leader when I'm clicking cans,
  • and if your mom's mom there with you, I'ma fuck your grams.

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