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  • To the one calling him self a god, don't make me call the squad ill catch a body
  • Lets talk about a pedigree, that is the shit my dog eats you are pedi with no high school degree
  • Your preaching lets educate others with what Getting beat up give me the time and the place sucker
  • Lets talk about demons and bar structure, bring out the monster and watch the destruction
  • Light the candles and summon a beast that reminds you of your dead mother.
  • Make where you need a flash light underneath your covers
  • No body looks up to you, nobody wants a fat man with girl boobs
  • The only thing your missing is the coochi, we can take it from mom she don't need it
  • You got bars? Where? Accept defeat my title is undefeated
  • Demons this kid is heated, he takes his fathers penis and beats it.
  • You aren't no true god, I ripped it from you and gave you a different title
  • Your a servant that's determined to win, you don't even know where to begin
  • You don't have no body, your a lonely fat kid
  • Adam Eve, Devil God


  • This gonna start to call
  • This the Great Fall
  • Great Fall, hah!, Thought you just be jumping off a building
  • Killing yourself
  • Ship your body in a Jacuzzi
  • He laying on a hammock
  • While he tied down,
  • I'm knocking his head off!
  • Guess this rapping thing just a gift
  • I'll take care him, don't worry,
  • Dr. Death don't fuck around!
  • Alter-ego
  • You best believe them all
  • DR. Death destroying you!

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