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Battle on October 9 2019 and Battle on November 16 2019


  • So isolated, look at me in different angles you'll see different colors,
  • My muscle forces these pigs to admit they lack key skills, man they're just irrelevant,
  • I'm a puzzle for these kids, cause I'm always testing their intelligence,
  • Six sides of grids, but they always move with negative narratives,
  • Try to fix my dimensions, but they always lose when it comes to analysis,
  • That's why only 1% can solve me, all sides of my frame equal not feeble,
  • It's been quiet since my expressions got them knotted like a short splice,
  • Relentless, actions are war crimes blocking their progress, their minds got a short life,
  • My tints aren't reflective, so i don't accept weak interpretives of my long life,
  • See this figure? i got too many shades to me, that's why i came to see
  • if they can get my original form right, but i failed to see the one game
  • They play, it's like I'm mr. Game and watch, as i sit here, wait and watch these rookies be
  • that they claim to be, but get bait and shot twiddling their thumbs, trying to get to
  • my 100, i give them hints free of charge, let them see green on one
  • side just to get slapped with red on the other, be a large reminder
  • Of the Boogeyman under your bed, guest of the culture of trapped lamb,
  • Letting out a steady stream of agony, cause they're missing the full picture,
  • So i drew on their face so they can feel the pure scripture, and so
  • this lion's not dropping the ball, and when I spit fire at this vermin just know
  • That I'm parking a wall on you chief and when i judge you on
  • What you cook up with your eight arms, you ain't armed enough to
  • Avoid getting chewed up and thrown down a manhole, so buckle up because your
  • parachute can't even save a tadpole, case of this body is open and shut
  • Like a wooden door with a screen door, this asshole doesn't deserve a notice of what
  • Happens when i open the trunk, got six results for him, and they're all complete forms


  • The night crawler mind sharper than the edge of a sword
  • I make the grim reaper repent to the lord
  • Tryna leave a mark be remembered before
  • I’m marked off as another corpse dead in the morgue
  • Y’all just speakin while I’m rappin with the lyricism
  • But you sleepin while I’m snappin you a hypnotism victim
  • If you came to scrap you fuckin with a maniac
  • Try and run the fade and watch ya vision fade to black
  • Now they runnin from the puppet thought y’all wouldn’t suffer pain?
  • Walked off in a drunken rage got lost in the sunken place
  • I drop bombs to leave em all shocked like a stun grenade
  • And move my hands more than Hot Sauce at a Rucker game
  • Time off the game but my drive is the same
  • Re-ignitin the flame as I write on the page
  • Y’all just gettin splashed on while I’m makin waves
  • Tryna get more paper on you than a mummified Egyptian
  • But thinkin everything you do will undermine the system
  • Drop a freestyle but ya style ain’t free
  • So I kill em with the words like the knights who say ni
  • Tryna fuck with Psycho Puppet? Impossible task
  • Ain’t in ya right mind too many shots from the glass

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