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  • Shit your raps are shit
  • My raps are the big hit
  • Mine do more effective a crit
  • Damn Nigga think he a blood nah he a crip
  • My raps are goated unlike kendricks
  • damn you probably rap bout killin
  • and maybe sum stealin
  • My raps make people jump up and down hit the ceilin
  • Got that girl last night to be kneelin
  • Ima roast u so bad u goin need some healin
  • Its so heated your skin is peelin
  • Im the best as u known
  • Quit rappin just go home
  • Im the best as shown
  • Nigga rappin like he aint full grown
  • Im better than you
  • Just admit its true
  • You Might use copy and paste like bitch
  • Raps hurt need sum stiches
  • aint got bitches but got the verses
  • sorry for usin all the curses
  • But FUCK YOU Fag
  • Shit u fat eatin sum big mac
  • Thats why u prob use pounds of crack
  • And ur raps are whack
  • Shit you aint got no ball sack
  • just an ass crack ha
  • enough with the child humor
  • I aint go say Ok Boomer
  • Should have killed me sooner
  • NO im hurtin u with humor
  • Cya raps are shit ghee
  • cya again im outtie

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