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No rules 25-30 lines

Max of 30 lines


Atreus won this battle!


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Battle on October 27 2019


  • Tek man Im the Stop sign men´ll pause I´ll leave their pad bloodied and Battered
  • Bitches Birdies gettin wings shattered kickin trash to the Curb haphazard
  • I had heard Teks the bitch but we aint equal ; Oh god Hes gon be a Feminist
  • Pavulon in ya system Hi Efren Saldivar I´ll be ya Therapist
  • Blow Up Tekneek in battle Till Tear a Wrist Like an Isis Explosive Specialist
  • Teks shots be ghostin like Spectral mist Even Tek was holdin the Nine he couldnt swing the short Iron
  • Tek is being Putt in his place but his heads Mentally Handi-capped like Intellectual Disabilty is required
  • Teks is choking by a Heavy weight like an albatross now hes fired
  • Teks Eyes glazed My heat last round had em Perspired now you die on thy word
  • 10 Lines an Already you heard im murkin you throwin dirt you had to Ad-mire that
  • Dorothy you aint got the Lion Heart All bark no Bite kill you on the welcome mat
  • Tek man this is jus the Second Act You´ll be Outcast its bad luck oops break a leg
  • You´ll Beg Curtain call but my bars Like cryogenical cold reading itll knock you down a peg
  • This body aint Neo R2 Desmond this "assasins" is goin back to his Animus
  • Relivin his Ole Memories is how hes gon be reanimatin his corpse A bodies Unanimous
  • A Rogues death Instataneous I´ll leave you X´ed man This Mc´s coy When I go beast in tha lab
  • I go Ape Shit Blue Gorilla on da Pen I raise the shots like A bar Tab
  • Punchlines Pickin you like Dermatillomania freak wit Scabs
  • You the bitch but I still got ya scratchin like crabs but still We all Know Techs Skill
  • I felt you yanked ma chain in the last one But you got the drill
  • I´ll bring carnage to fuck up ya World I notice them Comical reference
  • I´ll divide ya ass into thirds now you know the splitting bar difference


  • russian accent
  • ok asstreus. stop pretending your good and such
  • last round was fluke eh? well anyway. here we go
  • You don't get the Paradoxx cause you're frowning in your Mug shotz. You'll be shitting out neeks when i kick you in your butt ox
  • People say that you're good well I think the fuck not. If was life was a squirrel, you would be the nut job.
  • i heard people say beating you was hard like small dicks and tests on calculus. loki you're horrible at rapping no wonder you took on the name of atreus
  • you being born was a mistake but your dad claimed it was just another happy little accident. weren't you begging mav for advice? or it just hasn't happened yet
  • you claim you've had your stroke of genius when you can't even stroke your penis. is it too small or not there at all? when it comes to your virginity, you have to keep it
  • but as for your dumb ass name you can keep it, knocking you out like temperpedic. when it comes to sex you don't know what to do, shit michael jackson had to tell you to beat it
  • here comes the forty year old pedophile threatening to come spank me. i'll have you scream out in silence like the fucking profile pic of hankg
  • silly little boy crying over spilled milk, here, come get your fucking blankey. pissed yourself and pissed me off, yelling out SOMEONE COME FUCKING CHANGE ME
  • laying under a comforter thinking you're under cover. a lonely little bitch no wonder you have no lover
  • you dick is made of rubber and probably fucked your brother. the only only reason your half good at rapping is because i'm the father of your mother
  • i guess sucking at rapping runs in your genes like diarrhea when its green. the definition of your name is god of war but you're on your knees while we're fucking battling
  • you're another snake on this site, explains why your teeth are rattling, cause you're facing a true god that will cut you up like cattle meat
  • now you're gonna sit here and wonder why your life is such a blunder. dont act like your castellan and try to steal my thunder
  • take a number now your number fucking stupid like dumb and dumber. the only reason you have more then ten siblings cause i'm a overcummer
  • you barely make cents like a homeless man without his guitar. your girl over played you like a fucking sitar
  • you're irrelevant just like trump when he isn't talking politics. i'm not making fun of you, i'm just asserting my dominance
  • people said beating you was hard like small dicks and tests on calculus. this is just the beginning, yeah i'm only getting started bitch!
  • by the way. i could've gone harder than this its just.
  • i'm losing my will to battle...maybe. but. hopefully this is good enough

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