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  • (0:13)
  • First lyric (yessirrr ) you have heard
  • Now im ready to put this pussy nigga to the dirt
  • Yes im bout to put him on a shirt
  • lyricist but my name not lil durk
  • 1st of all you cant try me
  • ynw yeah need to let em free
  • rapping to the spongebob beat
  • no miami but i am da heat
  • better get to thinking yall rappers wack
  • i could end you with a snap
  • oh you talkin shit? ty get tha strap
  • like a bird im finna drop the crap
  • if he keep talkin punch him in his nose
  • nah jp just get the pole
  • you already know
  • that nigga froze
  • kill the bitch now i got all her hoes
  • i aint gon win
  • but ima keep grinding
  • new plug yup he keep supplying
  • so high i minus well be flyin
  • jp nah im just lyin
  • keep testing you gon be cryin
  • Then back to back all these bitches dyin
  • (SLAT!, yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah)
  • (0:52)
  • milly rock do my dance yo
  • keep going fast theres no going slow
  • bullets keep flying like its snowing
  • talk talk yerp just keep it flowing
  • small body but the brain growing
  • never put down the gun ima keep holding
  • going to the school now they getting out my way
  • and thats the best thing they better stay away
  • you better or we gon get ready to spray
  • reminding me of my uncle ray
  • if i could go back back then
  • i could have tore all they backs in
  • instead i was nice went back to they friend
  • but inside i knew this was all pretend


Attached media not accessible.

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  • Verse-
  • Im the illest rapper and thats a proven statement
  • Say you so good when you aint made it out the basement
  • You must be mistaken
  • Im from the hood, stuck in this mindset ive witnessed people die by the gun
  • Thats the hood life i promise you man that life aint no fun, ive been on the run
  • Fuck these mimicking niggas saying theyre hard over trap beats
  • Stop reenacting you arent a fucking bad thing
  • Hate these motherfuckers now im back to fucking blasting
  • Im the rapper that you should fear
  • Ive been on this mic for ten years rapping since i was eight, causing these fuckers fear
  • Do what i can to persevere ive been riding this wave like my name was paul revere
  • So steer clear cause im immortal fuck being formal, im a hood cat talking like a threat is normal
  • Im on some dumb shit i love to run shit
  • Hit you in your stomach so fucking hard youll fucking profusely vomit
  • You bitches make me sick say youre hard but you aint shit
  • You cant spit lyrics of this caliber you bitches some jits
  • Stop acting like a snitch or ill kill you like six nines career after he fucked a sixteen year old chick man im out my mind
  • Strapped up like columbine compine me and wine or whiskey now thats a wicked paradigm
  • Some say i try to rhyme too much ill hit you with the strychnine
  • I redefine insanity so fuck the opposition
  • This rap game is like an addiction cause i have enough ammunition to kill the competition
  • What you spit is fiction, a fucking fairy tale
  • Some people say i should use more metaphorical expressions
  • Okay, bitch ive got sick intentions to buck you down with ten smith and wessons
  • Send your soul to heaven, im the seed of seven. Im as twisted as failed lethal injection
  • So you better use protection, but i aint talking condoms,
  • Cause im raw dogging your bitch so hard i done gave her back problems
  • Shes walking like a cripple, make her pussy tingle just from sucking on her nipples
  • Living sinful when im loading my pistol
  • Shoot it at the opps, im a sick individual
  • I shouldve been locked up for my bars, these words are criminal
  • I lay metaphysical lines down and spit wicked fucking syllables
  • Like a lyrical dahmer murder your daughter and turn her bosy to lasagna
  • Say my words are above par, fuck that im the greatest rapper on here by far

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