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  • I drop the top I smoke pot
  • On the block yo bitch on my cock
  • Shootin up the block with my glock
  • I don't stop, I can't knock
  • These other niggas they can't top
  • My lines are so hot like bitches in tube tops
  • Grab my tube socks I do rock
  • The mic tonight it feels right you can't fight
  • My might but it's winter so I miss the sunlight
  • It's too chilly gettin fifties fuckin kitties suckin titties
  • Get a quicky from a silly bitch named lilly
  • But this windy city sorta shitty
  • Trippy music modern hippies
  • I’m good at chemistry so I get high off now and laters
  • Share ‘em with all my friends and fuck all the haters
  • Don’t get invited to my catered green party like Ralph Nader
  • I slaughter beats, murder lines, and kill every single time
  • You fuckers can’t hang when I come through with dope rhymes
  • I’m on heroin, adderall, speed, and dank weed
  • And I snort cocaine until my fuckin’ nose bleeds
  • I got more money than Bill Gates needs
  • And just lookin’ at a bitch’ll make ‘em drop to their knees
  • Stop all that bullshit news on the TV
  • Fuck Beck, Maddow, Drew and O’Reilly
  • Pop pills to wake up, pop pills to stay asleep
  • Pop pills to dull the mind, make the people sheep
  • Wake up motherfuckers it’s time to let loose
  • The GOP today, ain’t like the Bull-Moose
  • The tea party faggots all graspin’ they bullets
  • Hidin’ in their trailers with their 90’s mullets
  • IRS singlin’ out the poor souls
  • Obama gettin’ paid to control the polls
  • The war ain’t real, it’s all for a profit
  • But the government won’t tell you cuz they’re part of it
  • We use to call this bullshit imperialism
  • But in our world of materialism
  • People live and die and no one gives a shit
  • Wake up or you’re doomed to be part of it


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  • DeadShot
  • I heard that your a rapper damn i thought a white boy was suppose to have rhyme and rhythm yea in the scope but you only graze im DeadShot and your just a normal sniper im a motherfucking god no one has shots to go toe to toe with me i’m your fate and you can’t win
  • everything you have aye well shit you just wanna be a mumble rapper not thinking you can lose im the motherfucking god here and your my prey i know that if you try to disarm me i can still win for how i am
  • no one will miss you your just a coward and your girl is a thot boy your nothing but a pussy thinking you can go against an god hell i bet 6ix9ine would beat your ass in a rap battle or even older ones like some the fucking legends like snoop dogg and tech n9ne your nothing to me boy
  • no one will expect the sound of a barret going through there head hell i think i would be a master if i was giving time your nothing but a pussy ass bitch that is a slimshady wanna be who dont know whats right and wrong please you dont know my pain im the hunter for a reason
  • im a motherfucking god and im the only one that the real slimshady will fear w

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