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  • I'm the king of the hollows and on my throne i'm located in hueco mundo don't try me for your tripping thinking your on my pedigree l know i'm cocky but i don't care you all just part of struggling cutting through the hollows that are lesser
  • welcome to hueco mundo you're just a simple human what pain do you think you can take but come try to fight i been here before i just learned how to survive feeding off other hollows till i broke my limit now i am the king of hollows and the true king of hueco mundo
  • i'm the god of this realm i've never been defeated and you step up now hell try you're luck but it wont work i'm just to strong for this shit man
  • hitten me with the final getsuga tenshou damn you suck hell i may not even have to draw my sword but as you wish i will fight with a handicap only my hands not kicks or knee strikes
  • i win over and over till i drop dead and no one is strong enough to do that to my ass
  • you're just trying to survive at this point i don't care if you bring an army i'm just gonna burn you all to the ground
  • all hail the king and bow down to your god i'm the king here not you
  • i gave a warning not to fuck with me didn't i


  • when you have started a new game with your friends, you will never give up
  • never give up or the tigers will get you for giving up
  • never say never because it's part of your nature
  • Whatever you are doing right now, don't give up just because of one little thing
  • you have to get up and fight back
  • that's what fighters do - they fight back with all of their courage and faith
  • one thing I learned from a basketball game is that you can't backed down so I stand my ground
  • I fought back to the players on the floor and never gave up at all
  • When you started a game with a group of boys, you can't back out now
  • they will think that you chicken out so try to stand out and strong
  • don't ever never give up that happens to be your favorite game and sport

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