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  • I'm in the cut soaking in em trenches , smoking cookie for my apetite its
  • my credentials , talking on my game but you ain't never had no mentions,
  • I ain't really with the drama dawg I'm just a friendly , I pull the rari out
  • crash the benz then drive the rover , she got her friends and she said that
  • they all coming over , I ain't one for stealing but his girl yeah i stole her ,
  • I sit in ac all day but my flow is way much colder , I'm that nigga whippin
  • dope up in my fucking dreams , talking bout me get you fucked if you
  • cross the team , I did it all for love , respect don't forget the cream ,
  • middle finger up if you fucking with what i mean , they been sleeping on
  • me lately sound like they been snoring , i kick the bitch out cause she
  • don't suck dick she actin boring , we gon hop out in the local pull up in a
  • foreign , private jets around the world now a nigga touring , I'm finally up in
  • these racks now I cannot feel myself , with a 100 racks and ice now I feel
  • myself , I'm focused only on me ain't nobody else ,finna do it drippin in
  • designer louis belts , i got it out the mud i got it straight up out the box ,
  • i ain't going back to jail dawg fuck dem ops , I'm came up from the bottom
  • I know that you see me up , you ain't finna talk on me i got it in the truck ,
  • you actin like i care but I'll never give a fuck.
  • 2nd verse I'm cuttin up call me chef divine , i put it on my momma nigga
  • gotta get what's mine , I switch my flow up so these niggas know i'm boutta
  • go up , I'm finna start spittin bars niggas boutta throw up , I'm mike tyson
  • with the knock out i knock yo lights out , he talking shit put the glock in the
  • mouth make him sing for the clout ,nigga says they in the streets but they
  • ain't from the hood , they talking bout that life knowing they wish they could
  • they ain't never held a glock they ain't never robbed a store ,niggas out
  • here getting money but some people want more , they ain't never had
  • them chains on to the court and back , if i speaking on some shit nigga
  • know its a fact , they ain't ever took a vow to never switch on the gang ,
  • yet these niggas out here claiming that they really do bang , you 18 still in
  • school you ain't even a man , yet you claiming that you down to ride and
  • bang with the gang , pussy nigga better change yah life and go get a job ,
  • cause these goons around me hungry and they ready to rob , anytime you
  • see me in the streets I'm up with the mob , I'm a shark in these waters and
  • I'm ready to kill ,got an outrageous apetite so I'm poppin a pill ,maybe if
  • you try to help i might make you a deal , I'm up tight fully strapped and i'm
  • up in my head , pussy nigga if you disrespect me you gon be dead.


  • Respect the game,
  • Or at least the remains,
  • They want everybody to know their name,
  • But they're using the same flow, same lyrics, Its lame,
  • And there's only you to blame,
  • Everybody who said I wouldn't be a good game, I overcame,
  • Ain't that some irony, ain't just looking for fame,
  • Online generating a nickname,
  • Playin' this new age like a video game.
  • Mumbling, try to spit, words stumbling,
  • Lyrics bubbling, verses i'm juggling,
  • Trying to act slick, it's lyrics your smuggling,
  • You getting it easy, I'm still struggling,
  • Your lazy, don't act like you made me,
  • I'm here on my grind, while your just acting crazy,
  • Vision all hazy, narcissistic, it's amazing,
  • How none of this is phasing,
  • While my lyrical blade is blazing,
  • Your hits are just barely grazing,
  • Your body i'm tracing,
  • Shape you up, hope your bracing,
  • For your mumbling ages lyrical lacing,
  • We're racing, for now your ahead, but I'm quickly chasing,
  • don't think you know who your facing,
  • All these mumble rappers faking,
  • Lying about what your making,
  • Make or break, it's our culture your breaking,
  • It's our lyrics your taking,
  • I'm taking a rest, but beware my waking

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