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  • Open the hatch and let it in ya
  • Teeth crash down like waves it's their mission ya
  • Saliva be what I spittin' ya
  • Saliva be also splittin' ya
  • The Tongue pushes it over the pharynx
  • down into the esophagus where it sinks
  • all the way into the stomach where it links
  • in the stomach ... there it shrinks
  • from all these acids eating at it
  • that's how you can eat a rabbit
  • Then It travels to the small intestine
  • absorbing nutrients that's it's intention
  • villi reaching out, transporting it to the blood
  • pancreatic juice breaking down nutrients
  • bile from the liver, stored in the gallbladder
  • helps with the process
  • flush that into the large intestine
  • no need to question
  • it's job is absorbing water
  • no need to wait longer
  • down through the rectum
  • and out through the bum
  • That's the digestive system now i’m done


  • Said you were done, must have known that when someone like me hopped on the beat
  • To slice and submit into the concrete, that this bitch will taste the taste of defeat
  • Mixed with the feel of a cleat, if he tries to step to an elite lyricist
  • He can say that he witnessed, the vengeance, throw him up into heaven
  • While the angels ask questions about why he wants to rhyme about a digestive system
  • He can be the victim of an onslaught, eat him up like a pork chop
  • Chew through the bitch as I grab my knife and rip through the flesh top
  • Then shit this bitch out into the pot

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