Battles  Thom vs _KDrecords_


Best Rap using Big L Instrumental (Either that or no instrumental); Can be Diss

Max of 30 lines


Thom won this battle!


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  • //(0:09)
  • Wake up in the morning, life seems boring, then I make a recording, like a fucking warning,
  • So slept on you’ll be caught snoring, now here I wake up early to finish my jobs round town,
  • Dreams of Fox Brown, buildings on lockdown, cause the thom’s in town, like a playground,
  • People be playing on me, til the police caught me, and stopped me, and asked me “can you
  • Make me a rap G?” Said sure, ASAP, cause sure isn’t too lazy unless it’s with ladies then I get
  • Crazy but you a baby so get out the way please, doing my daily routine, stopped by teens, like
  • Fans of Charlie sheen, covered in money green, hard to get like gasoline, well actually,
  • I was made in a factory by a guy named mr rhyme, took the time and made me shine, or at least
  • Until he died, cause this bitch killed him, at 35, now it’s 10 am, battling suckers fam, butchering
  • These people like fucking lambs, so clear to me they’re holograms, and I just started rapping man,
  • Or at least once again, cause no one can, knock out me I’m Superman, cause I’m determined
  • To get better and others won’t let it, and my quota, I haven’t even met it, cause my rap and flow
  • Has gone to zero bro and though you don’t know, still number one in the whole ghetto, speaking
  • Slang with big L and bang, while getting skins, and if not let me try again, with ends, getting
  • Some dead presidents, meanwhile dissident, I’m omnipotent killing no innocents, and if
  • Some boy does then I’ll kill him then, with my weapon, so no half stepping, or you just be begging,
  • But I’m like duolingo bird, I can find you in the world, even under earth, like you did deserve,
  • Even with reverse, actions still get reverbs, punching in all the features, then take away the
  • Sneakers, giving it to some preachers, gonna make it holy, so next time you run you’ll know me,
  • Cause with holes in shoes in it only, but mostly, this is my routine for the day at least today
  • Anyway, tomorrow will be another day, so when I say it’s time to rock, you’ll know it’s round the
  • Clock


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  • Hook
  • Ring the alarm the caterpillar keeps firing ohhh
  • We in the war where butterflies keep dying ahhh
  • Verse1
  • Man ah used to ah caterpillar,
  • Turned into a butterfly pillar,
  • Notice I was born to be a lyrical killer,
  • My life is like a movie without the thriller,
  • Fuck a pepsi I drink Coca-Cola,
  • Feeling so low like I'm mac miller,
  • I think I need another painkiller,
  • I sent a message to the world but it didn't deliver,
  • They say I song the same does this shit song familiar,
  • WOH UH!! beg to differ.

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