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  • Ultimate Life
  • You make a nigga sing songs nice
  • That Gun
  • This meeting just begun, nigga I'm Satan's son
  • I ain't gotta tell you they know about me, huh
  • They gotta like a nigga, call me Gangsta
  • cause that muthafucker is the definition of gangsta
  • So If you looking for the baddest muthafucker,
  • 62. I'm the baddest kid,
  • The shit is so bare, my diary isn't hid
  • And strangle you with that fucking leather jacket
  • got the eyes of laser vision
  • More shocking a taser, more alarming than a laser
  • You got That Crack Bottle, 1538.Wine
  • Drinkin ciroc out of the bottle
  • or medicine in a green bottle
  • Nigga is shit
  • real bad nigga, ima real mad nigga
  • Won't heat or burn me, I'm the coolest nigga here
  • You raised me, amazed me, praised me.
  • nothing influence me .me is da same me me
  • They call me the slime
  • Let me put my funk on this one last time
  • In a turtle neck, thermal jeans, spit purple wine
  • lyrical wizard EMCEES parkside proves time after time
  • Fight for what broad, these hoes ain't mine
  • And now these hoes are on my line
  • Fuck the lime, My name is Slime,
  • Got this nigga mad,
  • I’ve got No More Words So I’m a
  • 100 million dollar nigga, nigga say my name


  • Beneath your winds, You got no Prints, The Points, You got no joints,
  • I hear this fucking boy’s Voice he’s like “This is Shit”
  • Your mom is Pissed, You Missed that 12.43 Shot
  • Lookup, Hookup
  • Black And Yellow Diamonds, Boiled
  • I’m not messing around
  • Not time,
  • A single Dime
  • Attack,
  • Your mom stands up at you “SMACK”
  • Fucking G
  • Is this me?
  • Flex, this is no time, Your a Society Threat.
  • and smokin joints to calm my nerves
  • Pissin' on the demons of the Earth
  • Drip drop, the angels made a pit stop
  • Cause I ain't know for who or what the fuck to get
  • this crazy shit needs to stop,
  • This the shit that get cripple bitches to hop
  • I'm ballin you niggas is Arliss so watch this
  • This is Your Big diss, Watch the destruction and the Bliss
  • Fuck 2DopeBoyz, all them niggas bitches
  • Since they kill my niggas 40 its been FUCK THESE NIGGAS
  • I got class and can't take this bitch to math, what
  • Unbeatable in English, hit the Gym and lyrically display math
  • But what we did was found our niche and made a stitch
  • Little nigga so they picked on him, hassled him
  • Homie popped up with about twenty bags and
  • Go to hell, I mean that, burn you like
  • Stead of givin me hell?
  • Then sit empty in hell
  • Bruh This is Not right
  • Like the first Nintendo, the blinking red light
  • I'm a G, and this is something you can't see
  • Ain’t no doubt that shit is crazy
  • So high I’m on the ceiling baby
  • So gon' and be my dealer baby
  • Real nigga shit, don't tell no lie
  • What the fuck I look like, saying I'm sorry
  • than life, i'm the fucking shit
  • I was born back, Wolf pack, nigga fuck that
  • Real nigga shit. Hood nigga section.
  • 100 million dollar nigga, nigga say my
  • name
  • I'm chillin' in this hood
  • Nigga is like “I don't live in the hood”
  • You think that he frontin nigga?
  • yo, birth of a real nigga,

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