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  • I don't wanna come down from this love i got on high
  • See you gotta get high or die, cause even thugs cry
  • Creep with methrough that immortal flowthug passion got you tremblinglike death on the row
  • Life is the opposite of limbo, so get on your toes as high as you can go
  • Then get high, maybe digest
  • Now move a little bit to the left
  • I get real high, you don't gotta ask why it's kind of obvious so don't even try
  • Dead at thirteen cause he yearned to bangsniffed a lot of flowers, but how could i cry
  • I'm high so you can bet i'll be squintin with my eyes red
  • You smell the ounce, i ain't even in ya house yet
  • Then got myself high with
  • So it's nothing to finish
  • Live from the lamont's rose
  • Lets get high kill these lows
  • I'm the other guy
  • All you can do is get high


  • What did I get myself into,
  • A shitty ass battle that you'll lose,
  • I am about to just let loose,
  • Hang you up in a tree from a noose,
  • You'll be cryin' to your momma,
  • But she stayin' outta your drama,
  • The clothes I wear designer,
  • But my raps are even finer,
  • The lines I spit are lyrical,
  • They can make a miracle,
  • While your stuck, eating miracle (WHIP!),
  • Actin' typical (AS SHIT!),
  • Actin' like a little bitch,
  • Suckin' on your momma's tits,
  • Tryna rap, but you chokin' on some dick,
  • So you better be real quick,
  • Or I'll end your music with a flick,

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