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  • Coolin' there like a posessed bartender, poisoning people I don't care for the health I'm just there to get that quick cheedar
  • He really thought he was about to doxx me, he's really slow in the head he's the equivalence of a slow teacher
  • To much to say I'm writing lines like a advised mentor, he's already getting embarassed let's just continue your lecture
  • This man writing his lines like he's getting pressured, putting unnecessary capitalizations at unneeded places equivalence of his sentences having seizures
  • "Parra", I heard you making grapewine that shit probably tastes awful tell them natives to come back from Ilaquit so they don't taste that horrible drink, inform them that it ain't gonna be a hassle
  • Lil' bitch got dismantled maybe that's why his parents decided to travel, going in on him so hard this should be unlawful
  • Destroying kiddos on a daily, that's my sample, you're the cast of that infamous 90's kids game your dad is the money and you're the barrel
  • So you're the duck I've been feeding bread to
  • In a pursuit, I don't need a rear-view, return back to that little pit of darkness you were in before and resume bitching with Caillou
  • Actin' all big on a dead rapsite, bitch I don't fear you, stop trying to get my attention 'cause I clearly don't see you
  • Arrividerci indeed 'cause after this verse, there's no potential coming back from you You ain't Jesus, you isn't getting ressurected
  • I was going easy in the few lines above this one, let's refrain from getting to festive
  • Insulting people behind a screen, you steady resting and acting like a menace
  • A lyrical scientist mixing them lyrics, making them look more appealing, going hard with them critics
  • Call me a pastor, always with 'em spirits, it ain't a problem in my case if I lack perseverance,
  • 'cause you'll always stay a homeless bum twistin' his bitch-tits and i'll be in a mansion stirring the millions
  • Call me Robert Boyle, specializing as a lyrical chemist, boy you ain't a rapper that's just well-spit bullshit
  • Easy body, thanks for the endless dreams, go help your friend Jack find his Goddamn beans
  • Face so ugly they had to restrict the scene
  • You always pullin' up with depressional problems on rappad, just visit a psychiatrist you uncultured fiend


  • Said you Hella Cocky But I think ya Strokin ya Ego Soft N Delicate
  • Lil Bored Pen needs Exercise So Im battlin for da Hell of It
  • Murder Melodies Fuck Etiquette Slightly Careless But show no one can blast on me
  • But you Indeed are Blasphemy Doubt you Know the Meanin , What no Mental Capacity?
  • Go to an Academy - Learn the Words Definition Fore Writtin a Composition
  • Now back ta ya Position Ya below What I'd Call Competition
  • My Prediction Is Break Fly Like Curb Stompin Maggot Larvae
  • Leave Em Cryin Thru the Slats of His Blinds Messin Wit Someone Of Illest Minds
  • Tryin to Shots Of Some Kinds Oh Yeah Hj0nk Looks as lies he spun Unwinds
  • Usin Mona Lisa But Imma Still outta ya League Son Combin Art N Bars A renaissance man Like Da Vinci
  • None of ya Bars Convince Me Callin me 40 Shits Died Since See
  • Nothin you Do Sticks Really Like Mona You gon need a Mask
  • I see ya tanks leakin But ya Ego got ya Gassed Thats why ya Drive Crashed
  • Leave ya Platter Smashed Coze Why be scrubbing the hatred like a stained plate
  • A Lil Head Scratch Hand this Greenhorn his Pad Toss the Greens Like his Salad Days
  • Sent the battle Blind Coze imma Kale/Kill Em ,After this Ya Know This Was a Mistake
  • Like Leaves N fall Your Bars are the Kind I find Empty Under ma Rake
  • Ya bars wont Raise Like Fucked Up batter fo A Cake Body any Melody
  • We All know you troll Rappers outta Jealousy Its ya Fuckin Tendency
  • Clouts ya Dependency We┬┤ve Battle Before You Tryin to Turn tha Tide But comin Shore/ Short
  • Kill ya Mentality Wit Continous Knocks Like Jehovahs at ya Door

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