Battles  Thom vs HEKS


Slow rap; Can be diss

Max of 35 lines


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  • //(0:32)
  • Hostility got ability looking visibly, individually but invisibly visually I’m lyrically so come to
  • See me rap like on a daily double causing trouble popping others like bubbles just another
  • Wannabe brother, like on doomsday, but who’s to say what I can say any day so anyways I mean
  • Bout rapping the cream, am I mean? Cause I drink some of the lean, like unclean, number without a
  • Mean, now you can see what I say perspectively, right next to me, got conscience of ecstasy, with
  • No where left to be, so please don’t judge me, already been through shit and this, needing a kiss,
  • By any bitch, only stuff I got is the switch, but ain’t doing shit, cause I’m stuck on the list,
  • Waiting for this, kissing booth to get loose so I get juice, but this I’m used, so for rap I use my
  • Experiences, to give lyrical lessons, with a brother with no more messing, just here stressing,
  • Keep on guessing, just waiting for a good expression, just good for nothing but good for something
  • Like rap bumping, jumping to this hip beat dancing feet, just call me TS Doom, like MF Doom
  • Without the cool, you fool, getting ridiculed, this is what I’m getting through, so I can get to
  • You, getting it black and blue, helping some MF Doom, Mood FM, Doom’s best friend, coming
  • Here and there again, so here’s the plan, just freestyle over the tough times, getting through
  • Crime, like in a while, thinking bout helping a child, wicked but sweet, flipping on the street,
  • Wanting to be getting clean, so listen to me, cause it’s just me, wanting to be oh so free please


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  • I just like to diss people,
  • like even if its unreasonable, Im still unequal.
  • To this writers lyrical as a miracle,
  • sit cool, while I unleash my critical
  • condition, sleep deep fool.
  • My childhood, almost pushed me to a clinical precision.
  • What competition, I have more grip than u do!
  • Your ship is submerged with u,
  • n your silly purged rhymes too.
  • Capture the feelin merged inside
  • the shit that I write, slide beside me.
  • I might, spin slightly,
  • but don't forget im mighty.
  • Lately, connect what im writin.
  • Cant show respect to whoever's, just signed in
  • at the same platform, rhymin.
  • My rap form combined with my mind,
  • is a super storm.
  • Life-time for a crime, call your Uber, home.
  • Buy a drone, to watch me sitting on the tron.
  • Porn, blow the horn, to feel warm.
  • Gone into the shadows.
  • I torn, rappers, born to rap in circles,
  • battles are worthless.
  • No need to guess,
  • I know u prefer to hurt less!

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