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  • To much sugar coated sweets these treats are really trix, like your beats I just can't stomach em and like you they make me sick, strutting around in your size 2 inch dick, hate on me, well you can suck my mic whimp, I won't result to violence, but if you want I can cause a riot and still mean no offense.
  • All these dudes think they're the bee's knee's like oh so amazing, all honey and milk but the buzzing don't phase me, act like amnesia sorry, and you are? My memories hazy.
  • Gonna spit whack flat facts so I don't even care, cuz words are just words til you add verbs mixed in there, I'm the bright light while your just a glare, so hot yeah, like a potato, get dropped, I'll still smash you with rusted kitchen ware.
  • There's a snake in my boot, an elephant in the room, tryna produce more than they deserve to consume.
  • I'm your difference your artificial I'm art official, draw the pencil, lead like guns but can't aim the pistol, got me against a 9mil, I'ma intercontinental ballistic missle.
  • Your sheets are soiled your dirty linen, may as well hang it up, your dried out, washed up, stuck on repeat cycle spin'n.
  • Couldn't compete with me if I let you win, my slowest lap is the fastest you've ever been, you got the zero that's all your worth outta ten, I got the one, outrank me it just ain't happen'n.
  • Just wanna say alot of "art'ish's" sound like their tape deck was recorded through a garbage disposal, here's a proposal, shut up, with your sleepy lazy unintelligible vocals.
  • Im'a exit you out of EXIsTance, I'll re-sit you if you show RESIsTance.
  • Thank you for discussing actual art *eye roll*
  • Wow a Genie-us casting what spells, a riddle for you tards baiting for Bell, ring a round you nosey posers with your pocket full of fails, while I'm spitting at yal with a mouth full of shells.
  • I'd kindly appriciate if you'd get off my stage now, like you could be anymore lost, but I'll show you a way out.
  • Geeze you pups act like somebody closed down the pound, then act like a Globe Troter but you way outta bounds.
  • One minute cry babies the next arogant pricks, who gave you blue balls and limp'd of with your tip.
  • This doesn't make cents even Einstein couldn't understand your math, talk about how far you'll go knowing you ain't got the gas.
  • If I had a metaphor for every (n)one of you pigs, I'd burn you like bacon and won't even eat the limbs, distasteful, disgusting trims.
  • Make me wanna vomit, I couldn't even spit your LInES, think your funny unamusing clown we should put you on a vine.
  • Can't even tell you, don't know where to begin, but every time you start to rap I can't wait til it's a wrap and the track finally ends.
  • Bop you on the head kid, I'll split you into schiz and call you Hedwig.
  • Gash dang you really wanna do this? Knock knock who's there? Me the truest, while all the rest truant or can't trust their under influence.
  • Is this a show down cuz feels more like the shows down, rapping to fast for your slow mo you should slow down, have a party at your funeral call it a hoes down, invite your whole town, show you how silver and gold bells sound, this is my chapter 3rd round, I'll show you what heavens like you'll be homeward bound.
  • Your a lazy river I'm like wow what a¬† 'flo' someone call your aunt back to come get this ho.
  • Meet the Dexter of Rappad, your a poindexter who raps bad, your half dumb and half sad.
  • Guess you caught my backhand, got ya self slapped, dam, like peanut butter sticky situation now your stuck in a jam, man.
  • So keep coming at me better learn where you stand, behind me, moving forward, I'll stampede over all this 'no man's land' while you obviously are needing¬†analysand, injecting building bricks right into your pituitary pituitary gland.
  • While you stay in last place you can ponder and reflect, getting beat by this, maken you feel like a reject, well good maybe now yal finale show some respect.


  • Its my blame
  • Yes I can't return my way
  • I want rain to stay over me
  • Yes my girl has left me
  • I don't know how me to love
  • I haved my fuckin' love
  • I losed my fuckin' love
  • I want return all my love
  • But I can't will now to love
  • And I know what I can return
  • I can return my authority
  • Cuz' its my oppornuty
  • Yes I know no one will respect to me
  • Cuz I'm under bottom
  • But I want to return all respect to me
  • Because I'm not cool
  • I was coolest raper ever
  • But I falled under bottom
  • I want be again coolest rapper
  • Be cool than more rapers
  • How eminem or Ice Cube
  • Or 50 cent or snoop dogg
  • All more other rappers
  • I want be legend of the rapers
  • I write my rap song right now
  • And people will me know
  • And I can return all my love
  • And I can return my car
  • And I can return my authority
  • Thank you for listen this rap
  • I want what you press vote for me
  • And subs and like my rap for me

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