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  • ( Some might say that I'm lost, some might say I've lost it
  • but I'm a wise rapper, who is full of knowledge
  • All the prophecies of the game, I've got it
  • For you to get them from me, it don't cost shi-, and I am the Hip Hop Prophet ) 1x
  • Yo, as a Christian, I can relate to non-believers, senseless
  • I have many questionings and follow with my senses
  • I can't see him and I can't hear him, than he is not really here
  • and if I can't taste or smell and touch him, than he is not really there
  • All the time, I always wonder if he willl ever appear
  • Both phsically and mentally, in the Bible, I read that he performed miracles out of no where
  • Visually, where the eyes could see, viewing
  • As I get older I start realizing my thoughts, that if the Bible is metaphoric and full of illusions
  • The Bible is too long to read to begin with,
  • I can never interpret, understand what I read every damn page
  • The more thoughts I hear from others, the more I'm thinking,
  • if the writings been corrupted and if it is man-made
  • Like some churches and pastors that are greedy and hungry
  • hustling for offerings and pimping people for their money
  • That's not why I've stopped attending for so long,
  • I feel I dont need to contine to go, to know of God
  • I feel like all that preachers do is say what's already in the book that I have,
  • and I don't need another human being's teachings, to grow in God
  • I want to learn from my own understandings and interpretations
  • I've might of have stopped both lessons, but I always stayed praying
  • praying to the Lord to show me, and show me the way
  • For me to believe in him and know him, everyday
  • Still to this day I remember, as a child who was full of innocence
  • all the significant things in my life that I call upon God for,
  • It really happens, and I can tell there is no coincidence
  • Because all of my important needs are impossible, so that's when I truly believed as an adolescence
  • Even tho I couln't touch him, I could feel him,
  • and it feels like a true gift whenever I feel the Lord and his prescense
  • Which I why I rapped this rap, it is like opening up presents
  • It's like a personal connection only I can sustain, It's really hard to explain,
  • but it just feels surreal, and I'm forreal like for real, it really is so real
  • It's beyond any of the imaginations, a feeling only I can feel
  • A feeling only you can feel, alone with God in fact, and
  • You won't feel or know what I do, till when it'll really happen
  • to and with you, it's the best feeling in the world
  • It's truly like a myth come to life, and only you witness it
  • No one believes you till they see it themselves and they become witnesses
  • No, I'm not talking about Jehovah Witnesses, it's an experience that you can remember and hold it
  • It may have already happened many times before to many, who don't even know it
  • Or some may already know, but choose to ignore and don't condone it
  • It's when I first realized he exist, it began with those precious monents
  • You don't need your five senses to sense it, and I know that might not make some sense and,
  • but it does make sense, y'all just have to come to your senses
  • I will noy say I'm religious, nor do I follow Christianity or any ritual
  • I only have a relationship with the Father and Son, and I'm very spiritual
  • It's like LeeRoy and the Golden Glow, I'm one of God's rap prodigies
  • I've seen with my own eyes, and he show gave me the prophecies
  • of the music industry, this is why I'm here to spit what I preach
  • as a leader of my rap ministry, for all the followers that I teach
  • I was sent to send a message, which is why I'm here
  • teaching my personal lessons of Christ through rap and every else where
  • Telling and rapping the future, to save all who are lost and, in the rap game, I am the Hip Hop Prophet
  • ( Some might say that I'm lost, some might say I've lost it
  • but I'm a wise rapper, who is full of knowledge
  • All the prophecies of the game, I've got it
  • For you to get them from me, it don't cost shi-, and I am the Hip Hop Prophet ) 2x )


  • this flow is intimidating do you feel it calling you Timmy shaking
  • frightened now it’s not only your phone that’s vibrating
  • don’t care if that first line incorrectly named you i’m Timmy hating
  • who the what he faces lay it down with words he’s slaying
  • the rhymes are a bully makes it terrifying
  • i threw a book at you and it was history simply saying
  • yeah the time ended so your history
  • before that you gotta know my story
  • i love to rap and on this battle imma have a lyrical victory
  • you don’t stand my whole scheme you are going through difficulties
  • you been mobbed mentally that you can’t speak shoot
  • what happen words are not remaining you became a lyrically mute
  • i’ll bring up the bars so you hear the volume in maximum fool
  • it’s so heat and it’s not from hell but from my dark room
  • where it’s thoughtful and i come up with a fire bars boom
  • like i keep

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