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  • Sometimes it's hard being me
  • So many bars inside I just
  • Wanna free
  • I start as a whisper in the wind
  • Can you feel the breeze
  • Then transform to a tornado filled with screams
  • If you sleep on me I'll seep into your dreams
  • I'm all alone yes
  • but the voices in my head are part of my team
  • Words fill my insides I explode
  • In a cypher turn into a sniper then
  • Target You Authors n ghost you writers
  • If this was Halloween I'd be Michael Myers
  • Your intelligence is artificial are you filled with wires
  • Reign like Roman here's my Empire
  • Thatll Strike back with a Reign of Fire
  • Bunch A foul mouth kids who should get
  • Roundhouse kicks bury you clown ass quick
  • For thinking you hot cuz you got a SoundCloud link
  • Bow down bitch Couple more rounds of this
  • That's it it's over leave you mind blown with
  • your brains hanging on the wall like a poster
  • I verbally assault mercilessly with no thought
  • Perfectly of course eternally a force to exterminate you frauds
  • My abstract thoughts Is maze of sorts
  • Cocaine for the brain take a snort
  • If you jump on my track I'd steer you off course
  • N if I was superhero I'd be the Human torch
  • I'm on fire nigga
  • Haha
  • If I was superhero I'd be The Human Torch
  • Easy


  • One mo time yea and here we go/
  • Gotta push tha bar and write some mo/
  • Carple tunnel got my hand real sore/
  • But I push thru the pain 4 mo bars to go/
  • Done run to the booth to record tha ho/
  • Set up the mic plug up the head phones/
  • Sound check 1 2 good to go/
  • C4 yo let's rock it bro/
  • I'm a muthafuckin artists bitch I been invested/
  • Challenge myself with every line/
  • Devine with mine u know who tha best is/
  • No contest and I shine under pressure/
  • Like a diamond and SYLA climbin/
  • The ranks leaving Emcees far behind us/
  • I'm grindin nonstop but Rap Fame trippin/
  • Sleepin on some of the hardest artist in the buildin/
  • I been stay killin these beats despite my enemies/
  • Casting shade and sayin silly things/
  • I jus keep it movin I dont respond to anything/
  • Say what u like but I bring the hype/
  • I'm a cold muthafucka and I came to fight/
  • With bars so explosive they dynamite/
  • Time to lite the fuse and ignite the night/
  • Features or not I'm still one of the best on the app/
  • When I bust a rap I'mma lay em flat/
  • They be stuck lookin like what the fuck was that/
  • That's ya boy C4 and NorStar plaque a track/
  • Back to back stat for stat/
  • Man Nor a Muthafuckin MonStar when it come to tracks/
  • This what I do ya a muthafuckin foo/
  • If you thinkin you can school the professor my dude/

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