Battles  Jesus- vs PsychoPuppet


Friendly battle. Just have fun

Max of 20 lines


Jesus- won this battle!


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  • Criminal, killing you with syllables; killables, the crowd isn't feeling you,
  • You're typical, the pinnacle of ridicule, you're tiny, nah, more like minuscule
  • You being lyrical would be a miracle, like rap god writ it and you didn't
  • All you did was spit it, you're shit just admit it, you wont win this, i forbid it
  • Battling me? You're tripping on both your shoelace and LSD,
  • And Fuck it, PsychoPuppet he, is Pinocchio, he wants to be, a real boy, but Gee,
  • A bitch can't be a boy, see, He is a psycho for battling me
  • I could beat you with filler lines, im being charged will killer crimes, and big surprise you can't even steal a dime
  • And its now time for me to rise and take whats mine
  • The crown of battle rap, but thats something that psycho never had
  • Yea you are a puppet, easily controlled, you'll get rolled, you're supposed
  • To be dope, but it'd be better if you chocked, you're about to get smoked case closed
  • Your whole life is "some dad joke shit" you got the pen and pad, saw my rap, got mad and broke it
  • Magic, make you disappear like hocus pocus, I won't lose focus
  • On the main goal of this, to put psychopuppet on show and shit
  • Put you on display like show and tell day, im the predator, you're the prey
  • Go away, I spit like pac you spit like lil tay, my rap is like a razor blade or a lazer ray
  • I spit real fast, achieve my task, you're a car crash, i murder in mass
  • You remind me of a puppet...
  • You got a hand up your ass


  • Since you only spittin fiction tell Burial rest in peace
  • Ain’t nothin real comin out this bitch that’s a hysterical pregnancy
  • You lost to 42DEMON then started dickridin you probably think that he’s an actual crip
  • Send ya ass to the crypt get barbecued I got the sauce when I get in ya grill and start crackin ya ribs
  • And now you gettin a damn beatin you pay for VIP tickets to klan meetings now you bout to be defeated
  • Ya mother looks like Liam Neeson I read ya bars when it comes to actual English you can’t even speak it
  • This might very well be the least effort I ever put in writin for a battle
  • If you lose this you should straight up stop rappin I know that makes me sound like some sort of asshole
  • You ain’t an animal spittin fire you just draggin words out so watch the fire scorch ya castle
  • I left a mark here and you barely even remembered you’ll always live in my enormous shadow
  • But you can wait a few years and try and put this off it’s still a body all the same like Nicole Kidman
  • Ya girl ate the meat while I banged her wall we made a movie together call it Pulp Fiction
  • You tryna tread these waters but I splash on ya like you raftin and I’m a kraken
  • I’m out here pullin a whole lotta hoes you ain’t even want that smoke that’s a fire captain
  • Ya mother’s developed quite a likin to the puppet lay in bed right on ya mom
  • Scoop her just like Haagen Daws and make her plot twist call me M Night Shyamalan
  • Lookin back damn this verse is terrible but at least it ain’t worse than Burial’s
  • Bow down to the king this bitch couldn’t be protected from my reign/rain if I gave her a parasol
  • Maybe if I end this with a long word it will sound lyrical and like somethin that’s terrific
  • I barely even tried but still got under ya skin I’m subdermatoglyphic

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