Battles  Sentricus vs Gore-Mey


Only diss the opponents name.

Max of 64 lines


Gore-Mey won this battle!


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  • Compared to the gayest faggot on earth, Gore-Mey is more gay.
  • My name is Sentricus, I spit more bullets than a sentry does.


  • //I'm guessing Sentricus did another short shitpost (and don't get me wrong, I love a good shitpost, I hope I can get a good laugh out of it), but I still had fun writing this, I enjoy practising. I feel like the verse I wrote is a little weak as far as my lyrics go, but there isn't much to say about the name Sentricus (unless there's something I'm missing, in that case Sentricus can now tell me why I'm a dumbass for not realising all the other insults I could've lobbed at him, hmu matey), so I decided to also also diss your profile pic and elaborate on the fact that Gore-Mey is just a nickname for one of my several shitty characters (Chanley Mason - totally not a lazy misspelling of Charlie Manson. There's also the Skin-coloured Man - he's just meant to be a sick fuck like Pink Guy - and Theo the Sleepwalking Ronin - a pathetic screeching incel.)
  • //"Gore-Mey is more gay than the anal sores way up his own scorched A-hole, ayyy!!"
  • Well Mister Sith Lord
  • I rift cords with your shit, horrible discourse that you spit, whore
  • This war is a jiff, bore me with more Sentricus sorely rapping
  • 'Bout how I name-dropped you, then came, cropped you short, you sapling
  • Don't play with fire, may be dire for your red ass, spread your dead ass
  • On cheese, toast, butter, Theo sputters rough slurs on your scared ass
  • Then the skin-coloured, thin covered, spandex man decks you for an open scour
  • Sentricus can stick us all the bird while his head drips piss from the golden shower
  • We're all a little fucked up in Chanley's mansion, so stop throwing tantrums
  • You're badly pantin', angry, chantin', damply stamp me for your weak anthem
  • And now you're blinded, should've kept your eyes closed and the battle open
  • The coward brainlet, aimlessly diss at me while you skedaddle, broken

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