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  • Got the game on lock, yeah it ain't moving for you at all,
  • Wanna look for a challenge, but this turned into a brawl,
  • I ain't going easy, gonna bring your downfall,
  • Dissecting your rhymes while your just trying to stall,
  • You aren't even close to me at all,
  • Setting you back like a penalty, that was a close call
  • You an inferior species, call you a Neanderthal.
  • As soon as you spit some decent bars I snap back,
  • Obliterate your career in a 18 line track,
  • Wanna talk smack, but you ain't got any bars behind your back,
  • Murder you silently, I'm a maniac,
  • I'm every thing that you lack,
  • Vocabulary as small as a tic tac,
  • But your ego as big as a Big Mac,
  • Spit right back with a comeback,
  • While your thinking of your decisions, I started making another track,
  • Eat you up, like a snack,
  • This track gonna hit you like vietnam, you gonna have flashbacks


  • I'm puttin' in work no playin' around
  • there simply ain't no frontin allowed.
  • Before I have the police run in ya house
  • Coulda' sworn I seen ya face in a cloud
  • And it ain't nothing that I ain't been around
  • One day everybody gon' lay in that ground
  • The G's in the street know what I'm talking about
  • I got the game on lock and I lock ya out

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