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  • my name is ant'ianna i am the beast and you mess with me i eat you for my feast i'm a queen pin i run things
  • around here this punk niggas won't to try me and they don't know they go die free listen listen okay okay okay okay roses are red violets are blue god made me pretty but what happened to you i mean if a bird look at you it will die rat bat ugly and fat i
  • would rather die then be with that period your busted disgusted never to be trusted
  • lil bitch as niggas i don't play i will beat your motherfucking ass today periodtt


  • Dude, Do I Care? Prepare where I am, The Time Square, Spare me some stuff, Or I put you in a Handcuff
  • Punch, I go to Sleep, Do not make a sound or a peep,
  • You don’t need a Cheat Sheet for a Test, I suggest going on a quest
  • Now f**k it all, And wave your hands in the mall
  • I play Basketball Baseball, Now Scram
  • Oh damn Leave a heart, High As F**k
  • Feel the crash and the wrath
  • Everyone sorry, P**** Do this..
  • Now, Think you’ve beat me, Beat this, Beat me, Beat everyone around the key
  • Now Take this, Take that, Now Everyone pushes you into the Trap
  • Riding low, Riding High, Now learn how to Fly
  • Now Look at this,
  • Use it I get a bruise
  • User, I am no Loser,
  • Now Look at me, With some money

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