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  • Sometimes I smoke and wonder, When will a Bitch Learn?
  • That Trill got FURIOUS STYLES Like Lawrence Fishburne
  • I stay with them BOYZ N THA HOOD we love seeing a snitch squirm
  • When I'm in a battle nigga, address me like I'm BIG WORM
  • I want my money, Fuck big words these bars are nastier than DEEBO'S STRAW
  • I will make the hardest nigga look DJ POOH soft , Accepting this challenge also is accepting a loss
  • No more talk you'll be on a liquid diet caused by a broke Jaw
  • Your the type that never in your life broke the law
  • I got cuts on my knuckles older than you bitch
  • You can only see teeth marks when I clinch my fist
  • It's enemies coming outta my shit, my spit can light a SPLIFF
  • You'll never be a STAR, just destined to be a BUSTAS SIDEKICK
  • My lyrics like Roundhouses compared to his LT.DAN SIDEKICKS
  • Some of the GUMPS won't get it, same lames that'll try to wife JENNY
  • Tonight I might get a life sentence for CAPITAL LETTER MURDER


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  • This rap stuff is in my blood, running through my skeleton,
  • One bar from me is 10 shots of adrenaline,
  • I ain't even medicated, my music is medicine,
  • This is hardly a fair comparison,
  • I'm constantly Elevatin',
  • after this win, I'll be celebratin'
  • Man you ain't a rapper your a comedian,
  • My lyrical effect is immediate,
  • Stuck in a melting pot, cause I got the right ingredients,
  • this is how I play, unlock all the achievements,
  • Everybody hails me, like Jesus,
  • I don't have a weakness,
  • I am a genius, your oblivious, delirious,
  • you wanna battle me? are you serious?
  • We ain't in the same league, don't even act like we are,
  • takein' over the world, like the USSR
  • with that attitude, you ain't gonna go far.

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