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  • Even if i didn't i would ball like arenas - swish
  • That shit was ludicrous/ her pussy smelt like tuna-fish
  • With that block that you chop and the rocks as usual
  • In this chicken scratch i scribble and doodle
  • Two reflections into one
  • When i eat that chicken,
  • Took a shot, tired of runnin from the niggas and the cops
  • With a barrage a raps that theyre itching for like chicken pox
  • Had my niggas down so i’m screaming fuck the law
  • Slap your ass with a chicken leg cut you like a saw
  • Why i'm living keep a pistol just to keep you alive
  • Get ya' cake right, every chicken wanna slice
  • And say toss some salad for your favorite wolf deity
  • But if you took a second mr. mirror, you would see
  • As far as being hard, i feel i’m somewhere near medusa
  • Funeral staff n' tubas, cadavers packed like tuna


  • My gun your scars, your wrist your calls
  • She say you got a pussy!
  • No wussy niggas allowed while I'm smoking on this loud
  • In adolescence you could bet my fuckin parents were so proud
  • My swag is to the roof
  • Oh shit, you aint got none
  • Don't even try to run
  • Raise the gun... to this virgin nun i point this gun,
  • All the girls wanna have sex
  • but you aint got no rolex
  • Let the best man win, You call it sloppy seconds
  • in my underground kingdom filled wit darkness n corpses
  • I ripped him up and buried his torso under a bridge
  • The devil will take him to his place he is not worthy of any other place
  • You see now that nigga lonely
  • im the king you the servant

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