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  • He snapped like Thanos and there was light, there was light that was so bright,
  • it literally lit up everything in sight, The Sun, stars, and planet all ignite
  • He passed me the torch, this little light of mine
  • and I'm gonna let it shine, I'm gon let it shine, let it shine
  • like The Truth, Roxie, and Lord of Da Bling's ice
  • Like diamonds in the sky, sparkling and glistening
  • You can hear em singing to harmonizing harps as you are listening
  • passed up by the highest, passed on to the brightest
  • but dumb enough to go against your high-ness
  • It was the whitest, it was as pure as White is, Must of have been blinded by the brightness
  • Didn't look on the bright side, got envious and jealous
  • Used to be one of the favorites and was angelic
  • It was Heaven sent, want to be sent to Heaven, It was Heaven scent, the smell and scent of Heaven
  • and I am keeping it lit like an inscent, I've seen the light, I don't know if I was dying
  • Been through the storm, hit by thunder and struck by lightning
  • It could of been a sign and, I think I've been enlightned
  • as far as my eyes can, see, I can see what's in my sight and
  • I feel light and, I walk, run, jump, and scream with excitement
  • I'm high beaming, glowing even in the night and,Il I can see my Halo and feel my wings take flight and,
  • the light created and made respresents things of the righteous
  • When creatures were casted down, thats where the darkness sets in
  • Night falls upon the world again , and thats what started the Armeggeddon
  • The war and battles have begun, against all odds and the opposites
  • Ecliptic Red Sun is the early sign of the Apocalypse
  • As a whole race we loising, we need to snap out of our unconsciousness
  • Spread the word of this prophet and, keep it on and in your conscience and,
  • it is getting more obvious, we have to really keep and stay cautious and,
  • y'all don't want to pay the price, that the lives of many are costing and,
  • I'm giving warning, and trying to stay positive
  • It's common knowledge and, you don't need a third eye, open up your real eyes
  • The truth you see now, you can now look and see what you realize
  • I advice we all expose the lies, falsement is inside darkness and you can't see at night
  • The say the the truth shall set you free, and everything will come to light
  • The truth and lies will reveal, things can prevail, Be ready and prepared, cause this is the sequel,
  • and I can see now, This control and possession had me feeling senile
  • They were planting the hatching seeding
  • Our guardians fell down, suppossed to be protecting us while we were sleeping
  • So rapist at night attack us while we are dreaming,
  • the same fallen stars fell in love with us, people they would sleep with
  • Gave birth to the Nephs, the seeds that grew into behomeths
  • mean beast and, half human, giants with wings and, were wiped out by mass floods, as they went extint and,
  • back in the old days, now we're left with creatures that we can't see and,
  • whenever under negative influence, it is our weakness
  • and they attack us when we weak and, turn against the king and,
  • we have to repent, cause we victims of prey and they eating, We turn out to be wicked for a reason
  • It was the start of wold order, we under a new world order
  • This time the world is set for dedtruction, instead of restarting the world over
  • again, it's all apart of the plan
  • When the true king left, that's when the new king came in, and his reign had began
  • He's more of a wicked ruler, who needs followers, to have a forceful army on his side
  • He is the master of tricks, who has a lot of us fooled, trying to take and collect as many lives
  • For years, he in many ways, has appeared to be good in disguise
  • In each and every way, and has lied and lead to misguide
  • and his servants do his work too, but when we let them do
  • Mentally, don't allow them to get into you, Physically, fight back and don't let them inside, in to you
  • Its the war between Jehovah and Lucifer, the day Jesus returns for his people and the fight
  • The fight of Christians survival against the Anti-Christ
  • Angels and demons at battle, wickedness gave me a black heart
  • Know we know what night time represents, and we're scared of the dark
  • We live in the day, to see, its's fright verses heart, Righteous and Evil part two, it's the Light verssus Dark


  • hey lil go and find your bill,
  • listening my rap you'll get a choke so go and take a pill
  • you seems like a small kid,who is castlly naked
  • and i am a beast whom god has created
  • to whom you are talking go and find out
  • fucking your sis and mom they are going to shout a loud
  • you have got one reputation i got twenty
  • i have got a heavy brain but seems your is empty
  • come and suck my dick cause this is a diss game
  • ]you are in hall of shame but i am in hall of fame
  • coming from a small town to make you a clown
  • this is my slope you have to slow down
  • your hometown is bit smaller than my playground
  • you cannot fetch me because i am underground

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