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short battle, bring your best

Max of 13 lines


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  • I’m about to ghost you like a Casper flick
  • Flip a chapter like the pastor’s bible tip when he molests a childish dick
  • You know I savage rhymes like a Neanderthal during the Ice Age prick
  • So you better face the fact that you’ll be faceless and cold like a Mammoth, sick...
  • ...Achoo, better be thankful that you are close to my flu
  • I slew your eyes to stew and turn your balls to blue
  • Not a cock block if I rock your view, wait lemme bring it back, assault you cause your balls are blue like Steven and I’m bout to Burn this clue
  • I know my wordplay wise, brings a tick with lice, flip a coin like a pair-of-dice
  • Gangsta, shit did you catch that line, holay or are you like OJ and you can’t fit that rhyme
  • Your bitch bleeds red like wine, cause I made her cherry pop
  • Made a dairy farm when I came with my very berry lollipop
  • You can’t bruise an MC, I’m the greatest indubitably
  • But dawg you copycat... well you are what you eat so you’re a pussy and suitably


  • I am the pre-cursor to Dumile and Shakespear
  • Kicking lethal rhymes going bananas, the one that Pele and Apes fear
  • A walking natural disaster by sheer force,
  • posted by the tectonic plates, shouting "there will be quakes here"
  • Making the bravest martyrs shed palpable tears
  • Turning serial killers next door to me to affable peers
  • Mumble rappers and their laughable careers
  • Fake gangsters, prepare to meet a killer even Hannibal fears

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