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  • Fuck you dude, u are piece of garbage
  • you are nothing compared to me
  • i will destroy your whole fucking planet with a fucking bomb
  • bout to decimate this obama wanna b,mothafuka dont think ur gonna b testing me
  • get the fuck outta here slim crazy,with your filler bars,motherfuka
  • we no u and ur crew are retards,i almost collabed w u for a second
  • then my homie made the right move,
  • he told me not to get away from these faggits,
  • so ill bust all of them with a cap, shove a fucking cap up yo ass
  • u is nothing, u's abusta,u r nothin, fuck yo motha, ur nothing
  • lil fuckin busta thinks he wanna fuck w me
  • HOOK
  • u is nothing, u's a busta (2x)
  • verse 2
  • get the fuck outa my face, lil busta rhymes wanna be
  • thinkin hes gonna come murda me, motha fuka piss on yo fuckin grave
  • dont mess w me slimcrazy, murda u and yo fuckin old lady,
  • mothafuka come out here, dont come at me with that fast rap bullshit,
  • kill u and yo fucking killer shark,
  • dont want none of me ima mothafuckin demon
  • (hook
  • verse 3
  • get the fuck outta my face little fuckin cunt,go fuck yo girlfriend
  • herpes infested yeah,dont come around me with those maxi pads for muscles
  • jon moxley bary yo face in the mothafuckin dirt,AEW,we all elite over here,
  • while u all sit over there sniffing each others shity underwear
  • mothafucka, get the fuck outta my face with that fucking bullshit
  • hook
  • verse 4
  • get the fuck outta my face with the filler bars,come around here
  • oh sorry i dont associate myself with a whole bunch of retards
  • hook
  • verse 5
  • H-Burial buried yo ass,what the hell u gonna do now,
  • when im porring salt on the grave,than ake a piss all over it
  • u got no more skin flakes,u got no more name, u got no more fame,
  • everybody knows that ur bars are filler, so get the fuck outta my youtube dude

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