Battles  Slipp vs STVINXXX


I'd suggest adding a beat to flow with it, CANNOT BE RECORDED. 48 lines or less, Diss clearly. Lol.

Max of 48 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


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  • Guess he's simply cyanide, he dies after he Drinks the Kool-aid
  • since i'm just a fucking vandal, hit the skies, i make ya goons spray,
  • lights provide a private guide we're pacified at every side,
  • highest tide, and then i rip this, percy himself too stayed,
  • Gon' win this battle, end the war,
  • killed antenatal, got credit for,
  • you're too fragile for weapons or,
  • anything in my presence, whore!
  • this kid's so weak he looks for gangs,
  • then acts big when his hood gets banged,
  • acts hard like oak, that's wood mistakes,
  • when he's put in place, he would behave.
  • Seemingly cannot be touched, Killed easily, at once he runs,
  • repeatedly i kill this fuck. But recently, i feel the means
  • he screams at me, ''Rap's got me fucked!" Believe me, this kid's railgun sucks,
  • because he fails to shoot some bars and cause of that his crew gets trucked.
  • Thinks he's a hindrance to the god of rap,
  • an entrance to some thoughts on crack,
  • predict shit like an almanac,
  • with sick lyrics i fault this kat.
  • You hear somethin? I do not,
  • Get your crew geared up when you get caught,
  • through here fucking, to fear us, it's
  • very smart but discount/dis-count your ass like i'm a coupon!


Attached media not accessible.

The owner took it down or changed the settings to private.

  • Im finna blow up like Afghanistan stuff your body in a minivan
  • The rap you wrote was never a grand slam i should be fair but fuck that i would never give you a fighting chance
  • Ill make your lungs collapse, hit you in the chest until your bitch ass has a heart attack
  • Fuck rap, im finna make it personal, i can take it past that
  • Bring a knife to a gunfight and youll be surely blasted back im a maniac
  • So who the fuck is this kid? A dimwit who writes dumb shit your last verse was average bitch
  • Im the rap game dragovich your lyrics built on sewerage
  • In other words they garbage. Imma take you fuckers hostage, check the knowledge hit you in the cartilage
  • Cause a percentage of what i write is truthful
  • You shouldve fucking thought before you stepped up in the booth dude
  • Bitches hate me cause they think im way too rude
  • Cold as an ice cube but this is not a good day
  • If you dont want to get sprayed then stay the hell away
  • Bring up how im white again ill hit you in your toupee all these rappers are just too gay
  • Like this fudge packer step up to the mic when im around, this shit will be disastrous
  • I kill rappers in the masses, im a product of this madness
  • You look like a retard you rap like one to, face it cunt you aint hard
  • Get offended, you can kill yourself like kurt Cobain
  • You think youre crazy, im off my chain dump this bitch at the bay
  • You other rappers gay so stay the fuck out my lane
  • Cause im the wig splitter the sinister spitter, you aint a sinner, you aint as cold as the winter
  • When your ass yells out you rep your hood, nobody hears it its like a fucking silent whisper

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