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  • I was born as a child of God and raised by a Christian family
  • From the beginning i've been innocent, a follower of God is who I am the man to be
  • I grew up and i've always attended churches, i've watched T.V. sermons and always did service
  • Every Sunday i've gave praise and worship, I've always read and studied the Bible
  • Getting in the word, memorizing stories, and learning by practicing verse recital
  • I've always believed in the Father God and Son Christ
  • Then i've began to know them, having a relationship and accepting them in my life
  • As my Lord and Savior, i've been a Christian who's strong in prayer
  • I've learned to ask for needs instead of begging for a favor
  • I've always prayed everytime, night and day
  • I've only just talked, then i've learned really what to tell and how to say
  • I used to pray before I eat, and prayed before I could sleep
  • I used to pray when I was weak, and prayed as I would weep
  • i've always just prayed, for me, till i've learned to pray for other needs
  • and i've prayed for others, people, and prayed for other things
  • Whatever you would do if God were there with you, is what " right " is
  • I used to do the right thing, I used to be righteous
  • I used to be good, and I used to stay positive
  • My Guardian Angel on my right shoulder, my right side and actions where my perogative
  • I used to be faithful, and I was never perfect in life
  • When in need of needs, I would go to and acknowledge Christ
  • I was following Jesus's footsteps and growing to be a true Christan
  • but there was a change, in my position, and I turned out to be different
  • and, then, and then, and then I...I....I
  • I feel I've been born again, but this time a born sinner
  • I don't know what the hell is getting into me, Inside me, I feel my inner core quiver
  • I just know I wasn't like this and I feel guilty, but at the same time I don't, and I feel this is the real me
  • I haven't been at Church in forever, the last time I went, I got tired and sleepy
  • Now when I'm flipping through channels, I turn to, then skip the Christian sermons on T.V.
  • I got the Bible on my conscience, but walk by the bookshelf when I see it
  • I think and say to myself " I will study, " then it looks and seems too long, and I get too lazy too read it
  • I went from asking the Lord to questioning the Lord, questioning of the Lord and disrespecting the Lord
  • I never witnessed Jehovah, doubting thee and doubting " on God "
  • I don't know really know the Messiah anymore, no longer counting on God
  • I believe in them, part-half atheist and more, but I don't believe them, so even tho I know they exist, I ignore
  • I will still say somewhat of a prayer, but now I only do it rarely
  • temporarily, when in need of some trouble or crisis, and when times get scary
  • In life, in my life, I guess it's whenever I tune in to music
  • reciting the lyrics that send messages to my brain, trying to rebuke it
  • Or whenever I felt invisioned whenever watching television
  • Channeling things on the channel that I hear and listen, the spirits in the Horror shows come to life and can tell a vision
  • and it seems to be real, and I stopped praying at night before going to sleep
  • I left the T.V. on, and I'm in a state of mind and senses that are weak
  • The lights are off with darkness and I got cold feet, demons come out the T.V. screen to stalk and creep
  • I'm now in deep sleep, so now they spy and sneak, they attack and wrestle me while I am weak, I feel paralyzed, and there's not a thing that I can see
  • Cause I can't even open my eyes, so am I still in my dream
  • I realize I'm awake and feel under pressure, I attempt to scream
  • silently, cause I can't talk, move, or see, but I can only think
  • So in my mind, I think and say " momma " then call for " Jesus, "
  • and then it releases off me, and me and my body is freed
  • I awake with all my senses, and I feel terrified and relieved
  • It feels symbiotic to me tho , l still experience it every night and can't sleep
  • more frightning than nightmares, I stopped praying before I eat
  • I was hungry for many days and nights, my left shoulder I was looking over
  • Another angel appeared and left a chip, and I ate the chip on my shoulder
  • It was Lucifer and Satan disguised, and I fell for his tricks, I don't know if I was lost or sober
  • Me and my familiy fell out, cause there was a lot of drama, and there was a lot of trauma, after I had lost my momma
  • I blame God, so now my relationship with him is a far away distance
  • I've become rebellious, and I'm Anti-Christ this instance
  • I've become evil now, will this be my future or will it be like my past, I've became demonic, and I have gone bad
  • I've been both righteous and evil


  • posted up in the studio chillin like a villain
  • overdosin on penicillin thinkin bout the cap peelin
  • emancipate my mind like lincoln while at the same time sinkin
  • like whirlpools with log flumes going crazy like a typhoon
  • in the spring is when a flower blooms
  • finance booms but still the ghetto re-sumes
  • we in our bag like cadavers
  • thinking bout this life like do it really matter
  • we turn to music for guidance
  • hoping it could take us out of this violence
  • but this peninsula of sin has only been dissected into wicked islands
  • forming mental ghettos within our fleshy infrastructure
  • Music isn't an escape its an illusion, fueling our hunger
  • and our addiction at the same time, so its a 50/50 mind fucker

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